Calvin Ayre Finally Admits to BCHSV Losing the Hash War

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Calvin Ayre – a key supporter of Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) – has finally thrown in the towel and admitted defeat to Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH) in the hash war. Before the hard fork and hash war kicked off, people were making outrageous predictions about the possible outcomes, however Ayre and his partner Craig Wright were silenced by their critics as their fork performed dismally.
In a post on his own crypto news site, Ayre threw in the towel. He called for a permanent chain split, whereby BCHSV will become Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision and drop all reference to Bitcoin Cash – a fair reward for surrendering. It was fairly obvious several days ago that BCHABC – the true Bitcoin Cash – would be the winner of the hash war. It’s just pure egotism and hope that has taken Ayre and Wright so long to finally admit a rather embarrassing defeat.

Crypto on the Block

In Ayre’s proposal for the permanent split, he has suggested that BCHSV will now become BSV – Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision – and it will issue its own cryptocurrency. Ayre has said that his team is already working on putting all the necessities into place in order for this to happen and that it will follow the original path set out by Satoshi Nakamoto in his original white paper. BSV will adhere to the old school principals that Bitcoin was designed to have before Bitcoin Core developers tinkered with it and integrated items like SegWit. While Ayre didn’t publish a release date for his new crypto, the fact that he has thrown in the towel and is moving to make his own crypto is hugely significant.

Wright Remains Distant

Judging by his Twitter activity, Craig Wright isn’t totally onboard with Ayre’s plans. In a Tweet, Wright said,

in discussions with Calvin and his team, they want to focus on the Business applications we have coming in the new year and I respect his advice.

This doesn’t portray an abundance of love or passion for Ayre’s plans, as it feels very much like Wright is giving up on his dreams of one cryptocurrency to rule them all. The usually very opinionated an egotistic Dr Craig “Satoshi” Wright now looks like he simply doesn’t care what happens, as his dreams have been crushed.
There is a possibility that Wright doesn’t like Ayre’s plans – it very much feels that way from his Tweets – but Wright knows that he needs Ayre in order for his project to ever live. Wright could be taking a hit and agreeing to follow Ayre’s plans in order to rebuild supporters for his project in a few years. This would give him time to perfect his new crypto, creating a larger pool of miners that would back him in a BSV hash war to split from Ayre’s live and let live BSV vision.

Exactly how this will play out is yet to be seen, but Ayre seems set to move on, while Wright feels like he is plotting something behind the scenes. Crypto exchanges and wallets all around the world are now recognizing BCHABC as the true Bitcoin Cash – this can’t be easy for the pair to digest. What they have up their sleeves and are plotting currently remains a secret, but this debacle is far from over.