NFT Project Azuki Taps Arbitrum for New Anime Project

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  • NFT project Azuki has tapped Arbitrum for a new anime-centered project
  • Dubbed AnimeChain, the project aims to cater to anime lovers’ needs under one roof
  • The project will feature things like NFTs and web3 games

The Azuki NFT project has indicated intentions to venture deeper into the blockchain-based anime world through a new project called AnimeChain. Through a partnership with Ethereum scaling layer Arbitrum, the project will bring together the anime community, including creators, under one roof. AnimeChain will focus on enhancing the creation of anime-focused NFTs and games, adding to a revived push into web3 games.

Enhancing the Anime Experience for Millions

The project involves other partners like Chiru Labs, who have partnered to form the AnimeChain consortium. Although the NFT project is among the main contributors, AnimeChain will support projects outside the Azuki ecosystem.

According to a press release, AnimeChain aims to leverage blockchain technology to “enhance the anime experience for millions worldwide” and to bring anime lovers to web3.

Arbitrum’s Nina Rong noted that the partnership will redefine the anime experience for both creators and fans. Azuki CEO Zagabond commented on the development saying that AnimeChain provides “a new approach to create and consume anime IP.”

Speaking to Decrypt, Azuki’s pseudonymous president, Location TBA, revealed that AnimeChain was born after other networks failed to provide transaction speeds that closely resemble those provided by web2 protocols.

Location TBA also noted that the project will have a simplified user interface to accommodate anime lovers without a technical background.

The partnership comes nine months after the NFT project acknowledged that it “missed the mark” with Elementals NFTs after the community complained that the featured collectibles were somewhat identical to those in earlier collections. The community even went ahead to demand the return of funds raised via Elementals.

ApeCoin DAO Eyes Arbitrum

It also comes at a time when the scaling layer is attracting considerable attention with top blockchain projects like ApeCoin DAO moving to the network.

With Azuki partnering with Artibrum to push for the adoption of anime, it’s to be seen whether it’ll also partner with game studios to build an anime-powered game.