NFT News Roundup – 01/10/22

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It’s Sunday, and that means its time for our NFT roundup. And boy do we have a selection for you today: you want Myspace 2.0? You got it. You want digital bears? You got them. You want your ashes spread around a fake Spartan monument? No? Understandably.

WMG and Opensea Launching Myspace 2.0

Music giant Warner Music Group this week signed a deal with Opensea that will see it release a bunch of music as NFTs and give its artists their own pages (if they wanted to bring back Myspace why didn’t they just say?).

The move is a great boost for the legitimacy of Opensea and music NFTs in particular, with WMG clearly enamoured with the prospect of offering fans digital collectibles alongside the music.

Seriously, if this takes off we could be looking at the death of the Minidisc here.

Build-A-Bear Tells Users to Get Stuffed in Web 3.0 Venture

2000s craze Build-A-Bear is entering the web 3.0 arena (of course it is) after announcing a partnership with NFT marketplace Sweet to launch its first NFT collection, celebrating still being in business its 25th year in business.

The NFTs, which launch next month, will be minted on the Polygon blockchain and will kick off with the auction of a physical and digital bundle including a unique physical teddy bear studded with Swarovski crystals, along with its NFT counterpart.

This will be followed in November with another auction for five silver teddy bear NFTs, also accompanied by matching real life versions (mmmm, the warm, cuddly touch of hard, cold silver) before a December launch of 5,000 NFTs which will be available for public mint.

Spread Your Ashes on a Spartan Monument

Just a warning here – things are about to get weird. No, nothing Dahmer related, thank God, but death is involved. The company behind obstacle race operator the Spartan Race has released an NFT collection that will immortalise the names of the initial holders in stone on a 35-foot statue in Ancient Sparta, to be encircled with 15,000 name-engraved stones.

Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena announced this week that he plans to bury his ashes under the stone at the site dubbed the Spartan 300 Memorial, which will pay homage to the ancient Battle of Thermopylae that allegedly saw 300 Spartans killed in battle.

Holders of the 300/15,000 ‘Super Rare’ NFTs will be given the chance to have their own ashes spread over the memorial after their death too, which could see it become one of the first NFT collections to grant someone a final resting place.

Rumour has it that if you die on one of the Spartan Race courses then the ashes of the civil lawsuit verdict will also be spread over the monument, but these are yet to be confirmed.