Tiffany & Co. Goes Cryptopunk With NFTiff Tie-in

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Tiffany is offering Cryptopunks holders the chance to have their NFTs immortalised in pendant form
  • The first 250 Cryptopunk holders to hand over 30 ETH will get their NFT reimagined in pendant form, with sapphires and amethyst among the gems used
  • The project is the brainchild of Tiffanys’ vice president of product and communications and Cryptopunk holder Alexandre Arnault

Tiffanys has announced NFTiff, a tie-in with the Cryptopunks NFT franchise that will allow Cryptopunk holders to create a unique piece of jewellery based on any punks they hold as well as an NFT of it. The proposal is the brainchild of Alexandre Arnault, Tiffanys’ 29-year-old executive vice president of product and communications, a Cryptopunk holder himself, who suggested back in April that custom Tiffany pendants for Cryptopunk holders could be on the cards, although at a price of 30 ETH ($48,000) many may be rethinking their initial excitement.

Cryptopunk/Tiffany Experiment Turns Into Limited Edition Run

Arnault suggested four months ago that Tiffany could be about to enter the NFT universe, canvassing opinion as to the desire for a limited edition run of Cryptopunk jewellery:

The poll came two months after Arnault splashed out $416,000 on Punk 3167 and used it as his Twitter profile picture and just days after he turned this punk into his own Tiffany pendant, which presumably gave him the idea to extend the practice:

Those that do hand over 30 ETH will receive custom-designed pendants converting the 87 attributes and 159 colours that appear across the collection into the most similar gemstone or enamel colour in the Tiffany workshop. Each piece will use at least 30 gemstones/diamonds to create the custom designs, with sapphires, amethyst and spinel to be used in the designs.

As well as the physical pendant, buyers of an NFTiff will receive an NFT digital artwork that resembles the final pendant design. Only 250 NFTiff passes will be available for purchase and each customer can purchase a maximum of three NFTiffs, so expect a crypto influencer near you to be proudly displaying their Tiffany Cryptopunk on social media in the weeks to come.