NFT News Roundup – 11/06/22 (Part 2)

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It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to mange mange mange our way through the NFT action of the week. And it’s been such a bumper week that we’ve split it into two parts. You can find part one here. Waiter – the salad dressing!


The week started badly for STEPN which suffered a DDoS attack on its servers on Sunday, resulting from a massive spike in bot activity on its network. This prevented regular users from accessing STEPN servers to participate in the game and actually, shock horror, exercising for the hell of it.

STEPN announced the attack on its Twitter account and requested that regular users take a break from the incentivized exercise regime while it figured out a solution to the problem. The issue was resolved after 24 hours, although it did escape the general notice that this was the third attack on STEPN’s network within three months. In each case, up to 25 million bots registered activity on the servers leading to an overload, although the source of the attack remains unclear.

Tom Sachs and NikeCraft Announce General Purpose Shoe

New York-based contemporary artist Tom Sachs this week dove into the metaverse with the delivery of his NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe as an NFT. NikeCraft shoes are General Purpose Shoes that embrace minimalism, with no high fashion objectives and no intention for them to become an asset to be sold at a higher price. Instead, the sneakers are designed to be utilitarian tools that increase the wearer’s productivity every day. Despite this, there is, of course, still a lot of hype surrounding the sneaker among aficionados.

Tom Sachs’s Rocket Factory announced that owners of an Assembled Rocket NFT with a NikeCraft-branded component would be able to claim the free shoe by connecting their wallet to the Rocket Factory website. An Assembled Rocket consists of three different NFT components: a Nose Cone, a Body, and a Tail Assembly. Each piece includes 1 of 30 unique options.

To find out more about the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoes, do that clicky tappy thing here.

Salesforce Announces NFT Cloud

Software giant Salesforce this week announced a platform for buying and selling NFTs, three months after 400 employees protested against such a move. According to Salesforce, the launch of NFT Cloud was informed by a spike in interest from CMOs and CDOs asking it for help entering Web3, not that employees were too bothered about that – they were more concerned with the environment, despite Salsforce not announcing at the time which blockchain its new NFT Cloud would actually be running on.

The goal of NFT Cloud will be to make NFT trading more accessible to Salesforce’s customers and to help brands launch into the metaverse and Web 3 environments.
Salesforce’s NFT Cloud is currently in closed pilot, with no guidance from Salesforce as to when it will be generally available.

Epic Games Announces First NFT Game

Gala Games’ Web 3.0 game, GRIT, will be the first NFT-powered game to launch on the Epic Games Store, it was revealed this week. GRIT will be a free-to-play online multiplayer game that will support user-owned NFT assets that can be purchased, resold, and utilised within the game.

Gala announced that it will release 10,000 player avatars for GRIT, each with its own style and customization options. The avatars will be available through a “Gunslinger’s Box” sale, which kicks off early this week at the publisher’s Galaverse event in Malta.

GRIT appears to be a game similar to Fortnite, with many players thrown into a free-for-all battle to the death but with a distinct Western appearance. It will be released later in 2022 and will be powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Gala Games has quickly established itself as a significant player in the blockchain gaming space, enlisting the help of seasoned game developers such as Will Wright (The Sims) and Peter Molyneux (Fable) to create NFT-enhanced games, as well as signing NFT-savvy celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki.
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