Magic Eden and OpenSea NFTs Sent to Outer Space

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  • NFTs on Magic Eden and OpenSea are among those sent to the International Space Station
  • The journey to outer space is facilitated by Dreambound Orbital
  • The NFTs will enjoy a full trip around the earth

NFTs listed on Magic Eden and OpenSea are among a group of digital collectibles marked to enjoy a full trip around the earth in conjunction with the International Space Station (ISS). The journey is being facilitated by Dreambound Orbital, a firm formed by Infinity Labs’ founder to set blockchain projects on sail in outer space. According to Infinity Labs’ pseudonymous founder, Infinity Eve, the feat is meant to inspire, unite and make “people think beyond themselves.”

Amazing Art Around the Earth and the Stars

Disclosing the news on Twitter yesterday, Infinity Labs said it’s working with Metaplex, Degodsnft and Phantom among projects to send “amazing art […] around the earth and to the stars.” Magic Eden confirmed the occurrence noting that some of its collectibles have been sent “to outer space.” 

Dreambound’s mission is the second in the Web 3.0 space after a similar undertaking involving Aku NFTs was carried out in August last year. However, the two missions employed the same Bishop Airlock, an extension that provides for the commercial usage of the ISS.

Stupid or Necessary?

Despite Infinity Labs being powered by the Solana blockchain, the group of NFTs traveling to outer space also includes those minted on the Ethereum blockchain. According to Eve, the lucky NFTs will also have a taste of “neighboring systems” after completing the trip around the earth. 

The pseudonymous Infinity Labs founder also aims to build an orbital museum dedicated to digital collectibles and even a space-based NFT economy. Speaking to Decrypt, Eve said that while the whole idea of taking NFTs to space may “seem stupid or crazy,” it may ignite the birth of new technologies. The mission add’s to Magic Eden and OpenSea’s recent efforts to attract more users.