NFT News Roundup – 18/06/22

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to plough our way through the muddy field that is the NFT world, if it’s still standing that is. Fire up the horses and let’s get started!

Goblintown Founders Doxx Themselves

The founders of the wildly popular (and accurate) Goblintown NFT project doxxed themselves this week as “Truth Labs” in a four-minute video posted on Twitter. Truth Labs, which also created the IlluminatiNFT and The 187 projects, describes itself as a community of Web 3 creators, because that’s the kind of thing that NFT degens like to hear. Unfortunately the doxxing spanked the floor price, but it would have fallen due to the market anyway.

In the video, the founders stated they were worried about doxxing themselves because they believed it would take attention away from the project, which they deemed unnecessary. They also went to great lengths to state that the project doesn’t belong to them but everyone, which is one way of disowning yourself from something that’s tanking.

The founders stated that the project doesn’t, and never will, have a roadmap, Discord, and most importantly, utility, which could also have had a slight impact on the floor price.

Voxels Expands NFT Marketplace Options with Rarible Partnership

Voxels this week announced a partnership with Rarible that will allow investors to purchase Voxels land NFTs through the exchange, providing users with broader options for their metaverse real estate purchases. The collaboration gives users more control over NFT buying journey and decentralises the entire buying and selling process, which aligns with Voxels’ ethos.

Interested buyers now have access to Voxels’ range of islands through Rarible, and they can also use the platform to purchase metaverse land in which they can…I don’t know…grow megabytes? It’s all vapourware for now, isn’t it?

Jim Carrey Launches “Sunshower” Artwork

Did you know actor and all round good guy Jim Carrey was an artist? Neither did we, but we discovered this week that he is just that when he released an NFT artwork called “Sunshower”, accompanied by a voice-over from the man himself.

The 1-of-1 asset, auctioned on SuperRare, sees a digital replica of a physical painting by Carrey, in collaboration with Deception and Dallas Buyers Club producer David Bushell.
Sunshower depicts Jim Carrey’s face in a distorted mix of colours with blue raindrops falling on him. Shrug emoji.
Sunshower sold for 62.04 ETH ($70,000), and according to Carrey a portion of the final price will be donated to Feeding America, a non-profit network of food banks.

See, told you he was a nice guy.

BAYC NFTs Fall Below $100K

There was a point, not too long ago, when people were paying over $400,000 for the most basic Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Try and sell the same one up today and you could well end up getting under $100,000 after the floor price tanked during the crypto crash.

The floor price for a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT on OpenSea is currently 86.85 ETH (about $98,836 at the time of writing), representing a 78% drop in dollar terms in just six weeks. The last time BAYC NFTs had a floor price this low was in August 2021.

No doubt NFTs will have their day again, but in the meantime there could be some pretty sorry buyers out there.