Blur Co-founder Reveals His Identity

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  • Blur’s pseudonymous co-founder has revealed his identity after the crypto community started putting the pieces together
  • The co-founder is a 24-year-old male who dropped out of MIT after two years of study
  • He said that he likes staying in the shadows and would retain his “fake” name

Blur’s co-founder pseudonymously known as Pacman has voluntarily revealed his real name as Tieshun Roquerre after rumors spread that the crypto community has embarked on finding out his true identity. Roquerre is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) dropout and has previously worked as a software engineer and founded crypto-based platform Namebase which was later acquired by Namecheap. The revelations come at a time when Blur is trending for calling out leading NFT marketplace OpenSea for discriminating against anti-royalties NFT trading platforms.

“Fake” Name Easier to Pronounce

In a Twitter thread, Roquerre noted that he enjoys staying in the shadows but would occasionally reveal his true identity “in private calls” or to individuals with good “vibes.” However, he said that he intends to continue using his pseudonymous name since it’s “easier to pronounce” and because it’s associated with much of his online identity. 

The revelation comes after Twitter users noticed a likely link between Blur, Namebase and venture capital firm Paradigm. Details indicate that Paradigm has invested in both platforms with Roquerre listed as Namebase’s founder. 

No Dark Past

Roquerre’s Twitter account was also caught frequenting Blur’s Twitter page where he commented and even shared some of the NFT exchange’s posts. Paradigm expressed confidence in “Pacman,” adding that they are ready to support “whatever he” decides to do. 

Roquerre also has a close link with Namebase’s CTO Anthony Liu who is likely to be the other Blur co-founder. Since Blur advised creators to abandon OpenSea, its trading volume has increased trouncing that of OpenSea in the last seven days. With the revelations not showing a dark past, it’s unlikely it’ll have any effect on the NFT platform