NFT News Roundup – 16/07/22

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It’s Saturday, which means we head for the desert of the week’s NFT news, don our…whatever people wear in the desert, and look for the oases that can whet our parched throats. Is that a major NFT partnership or a mirage in front of me…

Santander Chooses Decentraland to Host Global Challenge Awards

International banking giant Santander chose to host the Santander X Global Challenge award ceremony in the Decentraland metaverse on Thursday, showing the contenders just what they think of the award.

An international pool of fintech start-up and scale-up companies participated in The Santander X Global Challenge competition, which required participants to create solutions that improve user privacy and security in blockchain networks, fast-track DeFi adoption and tokenization, and broaden user-digital interaction through Web 3.0 and the metaverse (yep, that’s all the buzzwords ticked off, and so early on, too).

A prize pool of $120,000 was shared between six winning teams, who were also adopted into Santander’s entrepreneurship community. They also received exclusive NFTs designed by the co-hosts of the competition, the Oxentia Foundation. Lucky them.


Nickelodeon Launches Nostaliga-rich NFT Collection Auction

Children’s television channel Nickelodeon cashed in on 90s nostalgia this launched an NFT collection featuring characters from two iconic shows – Rugrats and Hey Arnold!

The collection was created in partnership with NFT trading platform RECU and featured 12 hand-drawn 1-of-1 NFTs with well known and loved characters from both shows, such as Angelica, Tommy, Susie, Arnold, Phoebe, Harold, and Rhonda.

The auction, which is part of a larger collection of 10,000 Rugrats and Hey Arnold! NFTs which will go live next week, started on OpenSea yesterday and will end today at 2pm ET. Bids start at the ETH equivalent of $50 (who knows what that will be by then), with the 12 auction winners also receiving a free Nickelodeon NFT Pack, RECUR Pass, and physical version of their NFT.

Topps Celebrates MLB All-Star Week With NFT Drops

Trading card manufacturer Topps launched various NFTs this week to celebrate the 2022 MLB All-Star Week (I guess this is a thing now). NFTs included in the release included an MLB All-Star Game NFT Collection, on-site MLB All-Star NFT freebies, unique rewards for playing games sponsored by the Topps BUNT MLB Card Trader app, and a post-event collection challenge. If that means something to you then, you know, go ahead, and good luck.

Digital collectibles from the MLB All-Star Game NFT Collection offer California-inspired themes like beach waves, stars, retro wave patterns, and palm trees. The players represented on the digital trading cards are those who fans selected in the first round of the All-Star Game fan voting, and they will range in rarity from Uncommon to Legendary.

The collection debuted on Thursday, the day before the Capital One All-Star Oceanfront, marking the event’s official start. TBF I stopped paying attention when Magic Johnson and Michale Jordan left the game, so what do I know about it?

Revuto Pairs With Netflix and Spotify to Launch Lifetime Membership NFTs

Now here’s something actually useful! You see, they can do it when they really try. Revuto, a Croatian subscription management startup, launched a new Web3 concept this week where NFTs will serve as lifetime digital subscriptions to either Netflix or Spotify. The project was launched in collaboration with (oh why am I not surprised? They’ll be sponsoring my grandma next) and has been dubbed the “Revulution NFT”. Hmmm. It works I guess.

Revulution NFTs holders got a digital credit card courtesy of finch company Railsr, which they can then use to pay for their Spotify or Netflix subscriptions for life. The NFTs can be traded on secondary marketplaces. Revuto will deactivate the digital credit card once a sale is made and provide the new owner with a fresh one. The innovative NFTs were launched on the Revuto website on Monday, with each NFT costing $349. And the way that Netflix subscriptions are going up, that’s not a bad deal.

UK Court Rules That Litigant Can Serve Target Through NFTs

A judge this week ruled that a British man who wants to serve two people who defrauded him can do so via NFTs in a move that takes NFT adoption to unforeseen levels. The case in question relates to Microgame CEO Fabrizio D’Aloia who was defrauded to the tune of $2.33 million, which he sent to two addresses in USDT and USDC.

Naturally the crooks didn’t offer their names up throughout the sting, so the judge has allowed Mr D’Aloia to fling some NFTs containing the legal whatnot at those same addresses, assuming that the guys won’t fail but to receive them. This sets a unique precedent and opens up the potential for tackling crypto fraud in a very unique way.

Surely it’s only a matter of time before Craig Wright takes advantage of this…