Milady Maker NFTs Crash After Founder Nazi Links Exposed

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  • The Milady Maker NFT collection has crashed in price after its founder’s Nazi links were exposed
  • Charlotte Fang was behind a Twitter account that promoted Nazi ideology
  • Nazi references made it into some Milady Maker NFT designs

The NFT collection Milady Maker has crashed over 65% since the founder Charlotte Fang admitted that she was behind a Twitter account that promoted Nazi doctrine and supported a suicide cult. Suspicions had been raised after some Nazi-related terms made it onto some of the clothes worn by the Milady Maker NFTs, with investigations revealing Fang’s links to such groups. Fang admitted her involvement on Friday and stepped back from the project, but it was not enough to save the floor price.

Nazi Terminolgy Made it Into NFT Collection

The first rumblings of concern were raised when references to Treblinka, a Polish Nazi death camp, were spotted on a t-shirt worn by one NFT characters in a list of words that included ‘baby’, ‘internet’, ‘cute’, and ‘heaven’. Then there is the fact that one of the traits, drip, has a number of ranks, the highest one being SS – the famed Nazi death squads who carried out Hitler’s bloodiest orders.

Investigations from Twitter sleuths found that Fang may have been involved in spewing Nazi ideology on Twitter, as well as helping to promote a cult that “trolls people into committing suicide”. This led Fang to admitting her alter ego and stepping back from the project on Friday:

This was followed by a full disclosure from others regarding her activities in the past:

Whether she regrets it or not, the crypto space can be savage enough without links to anything as disgusting as that.