Coinbase Teams up With Caspian for Institutional Trading

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Institutional investors are demanding ways to get into the crypto markets. This is because only a handful of platforms currently provide this kind of access. One of the major issues with institutional trading is the vast sums of currency they drop onto the markets in big chunks, which can cause price fluctuations and also be considered market manipulation. This is the reason why OTC markets exist – so that large trade volumes can be kept separate from retail trading.
Coinbase has recently upped its game and expanded its offering, this new partnership with Caspian is a clear attempt to help bolster its daily trade volume and climb up the rankings.

Coinbase Growing Exponentially

Coinbase is looking to get its fingers in as many crypto pies as possible in the past couple of months. It recently added four GBP trading pairs in an effort to tap into the British market – given the fact that Brexit is fast approaching, this is a very good move. In America, Coinbase has also joined the race to launch the country’s first Bitcoin ETF. It submitted its application a few weeks ago, and thanks to its experience in crypto trading, it could very well get the nod from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Yet, it will have to fend off VanEck, as they’re due to hear back about an application in the coming weeks.
In addition to all this activity, Coinbase has also revised its coin listing process, making it easier for coins to get listed. This has caused a major rally in the crypto markets, proving that there is a huge demand for Coinbase’s services.

Caspian Planning an ICO

Interestingly, the partnership was announced days before Caspian is due to launch its ICO. It is planning a $19.5 million ICO, which is due to launch at the beginning of October. It has already raised more than $16 million in token pre-sale and the announcement of this partnership will inevitably help it sell out the remaining tokens. The tokens will be traded and used as gas fees on its platform, which is already connected to 25 top crypto exchanges from around the globe. Its platform is designed to help institutional investors buy and sell cryptos at the best prices, while remaining fully regulated at the same time.
The new partnership has yet to go live on Coinbase’s website, but it should go live before the end of October. The new institutional trading feature of Coinbase will help set it apart from the crowd and will distinguish it in the American crypto trading market.