Doodles Sheds “NFT Project” Tag

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Doodles is shedding its “NFT project” tag to concentrate on becoming a media franchise
  • Collectors have criticized the project’s founders for building new features away from the public
  • The co-founder clarified that they aren’t completely abandoning the project

Doodles co-founder Jordan Castro has revealed that the project is shedding the “NFT project” tag to help it focus on becoming a media franchise, two months after abandoning Ethereum for the Flow blockchain. The project has been recently facing criticism from its community for building with little community involvement. Although Castro said that they aren’t completely abandoning the project, he clarified that they’ll work with the “most loyal” collectors and not those pushing for “financial motivations.”

No Financially-Motivated Collectors

According to Castro, pseudonymously known as “Poopie,” involving the public in the building process is raiding precious time and resources that would otherwise be used to accomplish its vision. The co-founder added that those pushing them to build in the public limelight are those looking for financial gains emanating from hyping the project. 

Castro disclosed that they’re cutting off financially-motivated collectors and concentrating on those willing to stick with the project for the long haul. Although the Doodles project is morphing  to become a media franchise, the co-founder noted that digital collectibles will always be a critical part of its future. 

He also said that he’ll champion a culture where Web 3.0 project’s users are “nicer.” The co-founder’s statement has attracted mixed reactions from the NFT community with some translating it to mean the project is moving from its comfort zone to explore other possibilities in the Web 3.0 world. 

From Web 3.0 to Web 2.0?

However, others have seen it as a deviation from the building blocks of the decentralized world that requires openness and a close connection with the community. There’s also another group that sees Castro’s announcement as a subtle way to announce the project’s shift from Web 3.0 to Web 2.0.

Although the co-founder hasn’t revealed what being a “media franchise” means, it’s yet to be seen whether the project’s future plans will reunite the community.