Pudgy Penguins Expands Walmart Tie-in

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  • Pudgy Penguins will expand its Walmart partnership, adding toys in 1,100 more stores
  • The Pudgy Toys line achieved $10 million in sales following its launch last year
  • The NFT collection remains the only one to successfully breach the digital-physical divide

Pudgy Penguins recently revealed plans to introduce a new line of toys into Walmart following a successful first collaboration. The expanded deal will see physical versions of the vibrant PFPs available in an additional 1,100 stores across the US, bringing the total to 3,100 locations nationwide. Last year’s debut of the initial Pudgy Penguins toy line in 2,000 Walmart stores marked a significant milestone in promoting mainstream adoption of Web3 intellectual property.

$10 Million in Sales

The Pudgy Toys line has already generated $10 million in sales within a year, with over 750,000 toys sold. The collection features plush toys, action figures, and mystery igloo collectibles, all based on the successful NFT line which launched in July 2021. One of the few NFT success stories, Pudgy Penguins are so far the only NFT collection to have crossed from the digital to the physical realm and made any kind of impact, with Pudgy Penguins CEO Luca Netz hailing the collaboration in a press release:

Our strategic collaboration with Walmart has allowed Pudgy Penguins to reach new heights in the consumer market. The expansion into additional Walmart locations, alongside exclusive toy offerings, underscores the enduring appeal of Pudgy Penguins characters.

While the toys are also available at retailers like Five Below and online through Amazon, Walmart serves as a prominent showcase with standalone display units in-store. Each Pudgy Penguins toy comes equipped with a QR code, granting access to NFT items and customizations within the upcoming Pudgy World game on the Ethereum scaling network zkSync.

Pudgy Penguins aims to enhance the user experience by refining its branding and boosting QR code conversion rates from 20% to 50%.

Pudgy Penguins has managed to buck the trend of most NFT collections since the NFT mania of mid-2021, experiencing a four-fold price increase at a time when other popular collections are continuing their almost three-year decline or stagnation.