Lloyd’s of London Insure Zeux’s Custodial Assets up to $100m

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Zeux has been churning out new features over the last few weeks, and just days after the up and coming crypto payments app launched globally, Zeux announced that its custodial crypto assets will be insured up to $100 million. Zeux has teamed up with Lloyd’s of London who will provide insurance on the custodial crypto assets held by Zeux, meaning your funds will be safer than ever before.

Insuring Against All Possibilities

With top crypto exchanges getting hacked all around, it’s now more important than ever for crypto exchanges and payment platforms to have some form of insurance. Lloyd’s of London will be insuring Zeux’s assets against a variety of potential threats, including: employee theft, premises theft, transit theft, third party computer theft, and funds transfer – including hacking – theft of cold wallet assets under custody and loss or destruction of private keys due to other physical perils such as fire, flood, or earthquake. This huge range of protection means you can leave your funds in your Zeux account and sleep comfortably at night.

Earning Interest on Your Crypto

One of the many benefits of using Zeux is its market-leading 6% interest on crypto deposits. Until now, people were worried that depositing large amounts of crypto into the platform could be unsafe – not your keys, not your crypto and all that. However, now Zeux has secured this incredible crypto insurance, there is very little to worry about – especially if the worst should happen. So, rather than keeping your crypto locked away on your hardware wallet earning no interest, you can put it to work so it can start generating you income – how perfect is that.

Zeux Joining BitGo’s Insurance Plan

Back in February, BitGo announced that it had secured a $100 million crypto insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London. BitGo is one of the leading crypto cold storage companies, with a large number of exchanges opting to use BitGo over developing their own cold storage solutions. Zeux’s new insurance looks very similar to that of BitGo, meaning it’s cold storage tech must be up to the same standard of BitGo – otherwise Lloyd’s of London wouldn’t have issued the insurance.

Zeux is quickly becoming one of the hottest crypto payment platforms in the world, and this new insurance coverage will no doubt help it grow even faster. We can’t wait to see what Zeux has in-store for the crypto world next, it’s last few updates have been out of this world!