Zeux Opens Its Doors to Global Crypto Investors!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Zeux is the crypto payment wallet that’s taking the UK by storm. It has a barrage of features that you will struggle to find anywhere else, and it had finally decided that it’s time to begin onboarding users from all around the globe. Zeux began testing the waters in the UK, honing its platform and assessing critical feedback to ensure its platform was as good as it can be. Now, users from all around the globe can sign up and take advantage of the Zeux platform!

Top Up Your Apple Pay Account with Crypto

Apple Pay is one of the most convenient ways to pay for goods and services, and now you can link your Zeux virtual card with your Apple Pay and Samsung Pay account. This gives you complete control of your crypto and the ability to spend it at the tap of your phone or watch.

Wide Range of Cryptos

If you are worried about not being able to deposit and use your favorite cryptos, you can relax. There is a huge selection of accepted cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin SV and Qtum. If that wasn’t enough, you can get up to 6% interest on all your crypto deposits. This means you can finally put your hard earned crypto to work, generating you money as you hodl – how perfect is that?

Limited Features for Now

While international clients can now start to use the app, there will be a limited set of features and cryptos available for the time being. At the moment, customers can only use the crypto wallet feature, depositing Bitcoin and USDT. Additionally, all deposits will allow customers to take advantage of the 6% interest – so it’s well worth looking into. Zeux is planning to launch its payment service to Europe later on this year with Asia and the USA coming later in 2020. This might be a bit of a deal breaker for a lot of people, but it’s going to be well worth the wait!

Zeux is blending the boundaries between traditional banking and the crypto world with its industry leading products. Very few crypto wallets will let you earn interest on your crypto holdings, let alone 6%. Even the best savings accounts with banks will likely give you less than 6%. So, if you’re looking for a new crypto wallet to try out that has a ton of potential, Zeux might just be the one for you!