Zeux is Now Offering 6% Interest on Deposits

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Most people out there are probably unaware that you can earn interest on your crypto assets while they’re sat in your wallet. Of course, it does have to be in a specific wallet, but free money is free money, right? Zeux has come out with an impressive offer of 6% interest on all Bitcoin and USDT deposits with no fixed term – meaning you can take out your money at any time without fear of penalties.

Getting a Good Deal

Zeux is one of these new fintech companies that’s looking to revolutionize the banking industry, and it’s now taken the battle to savings plans. Currently, the average interest rate in Europe on savings accounts is 0.2%, so offering 6% is a huge step up and a great incentive for customers. What’s more, the fact that this huge interest rate is available on crypto means that while your crypto is sat in storage and not being used, it can be working hard for you – meaning your next coffee, flight, hotel, or meal out could be free.

Listing Bitcoin SV and QTUM

For now, Zeux is only available to UK based customers, but with the help of a VPN and an early access code, you can get your hands on this epic app. If you’re a Bitcoin SV or a QTUM fan, you’re going to love that Zeux has added both cryptos to its supported range of tokens. This means you can quickly and easily top up your account using Bitcoin SV and QTUM which you can then spend on real-world items such as beer, food, clothes, cars, and pretty much anything else fiat will get you.

XRP Sneaking into Crypto Loans

Until now, the best way to earn interest on your crypto was to lend it to platforms so that they could offer it as a crypto loan. Earlier this year, BlockFi announced that it was launching XRP backed crypto loans. Users taking out loans can use their crypto as collateral, meaning that you don’t need to sell your crypto in order to make a big purchase. Once you have the money to pay BlockFi back, you can deposit the money and get your XRP back.

Not all wallets offer interest on crypto balances, making Zeux a pretty decent deal. So, if you’re looking to earn a whopping 6% on your crypto savings, it’s well worth checking out Zeux and its incredible interest rate – after all, you crypto is still safe and secure.