Jim Cramer Allegedly Convinced Into Buying Bitcoin

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  • Bitcoin Bitcoin evangelist and Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano has “convinced” Jim Cramer to invest in Bitcoin
  • The Mad Money host appeared on Pompliano’s forthcoming podcast after previously being skeptical of the cryptocurrency
  • Mad Money attracts over 200,000 viewers per episode

Bitcoin evangelist and Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano claims that he has convinced Mad Money host Jim Cramer to invest in Bitcoin. Pompliano made the claim in a tweet promoting his forthcoming podcast with the famed investor turned TV show host, seemingly changing the mind of a man who has had a somewhat fractious relationship with the cryptocurrency.

Pompliano Has “Convinced” Cramer

Pompliano announced on Wednesday that he was expecting Wall Street legend Cramer on the show Thursday, following up with a tweet hours later that he had succeeded in his aims of converting Cramer to join the Bitcoin brigade:

In June 2017 Cramer said demand for Bitcoin could drive it toward $1 million, but seemed to change his tune months later when Bitcoin was in the grip of its biggest ever bull market. On December 7 he told his Mad Money viewers that he was suspicious of Bitcoin for five reasons, including the fact that the creator is anonymous, a perceived lack of “transparency into the underlying system”, the lack of underlying assets, and the fact that there is “no government backing”.

It is ironic that these reasons are exactly the reasons why people like Pompliano are bullish on Bitcoin, and it is assumed that these are the kinds of things that Pompliano wanted to address with Cramer.

Skeptics Will Want to See Evidence

The Morgan Creek founder says he was successful with changing Cramer’s mind on Bitcoin, as he was with comedian Bill Burr, although because the podcast hasn’t aired at the time of this article we don’t yet know if the facts bear out Pompliano’s positivity. After all, claiming you have convinced someone to do something and actually have them do it are two very different things, and skeptics will demand evidence of Cramer’s purchase before believing Pompliano.

If Cramer genuinely has had his head turned by Bitcoin then that could be no laughing matter, with over 200,000 viewers regularly tuning into Mad Money for his investment advice.