6 Videos That Show Off The Funny Side of Bitcoin

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Looking at the news headlines right now, all you’re likely to see is Bitcoin being addressed in a serious fashion. While you certainly need to treat the famous cryptocurrency with respect, it isn’t a sub-culture that’s without a sense of humor. Tapping into the funny side of Bitcoin and giving traders, investors, users, and watchers plenty of laughs along the way, YouTube has become home to plenty of belly-laugh triggering Bitcoin parody videos. From the comically clever to the outright silly, the following are our six favorite videos that show off the funny side of Bitcoin.

Remy – Bitcoin Billionaire

ReasonTV certainly spends a lot of its time addressing serious global issues, from hate speech controversies to pot protesters and everything in-between. Amidst all the serious videos ReasonTV promotes there is Remy, a stand-up comedian that’s becoming something of an Internet celebrity due to his funny videos. Arguably his funniest video to date is a take on the Bitcoin boom, which certainly has a Lonely Island-esque vibe to it. Perfectly described as “Remy rides crypto to the moon” in the video description, Remy’s journey to become a Bitcoin billionaire is pretty hilarious.

Chris Record – Hodl Gang

Hovering between the lines of silly and actually sounding pretty good, Hodl Gang is a Gucci Gang – Lil Pump parody remix by Chris Record. Opening with key statements by some of Bitcoin’s biggest advocates, it launches into a crypto-rap that covers all the big currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Hitting you with stats and silliness, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to join the #hodlgang after listening to this.

Zhou Tonged – Bitcoin’s Back

A parody on the famous Eminem tack, Zhou Tonged’s Bitcoin’s Back represents a hilarious time capsule. Uploaded back in 2013, this rap-tastic YouTube video addresses Mt. Gox, Silk Road, Lynne Cheney, and more. Not only that, a reference to Bitcoin costing $34 is also part of the song, which will certainly have many investors longing to get their hands on a time machine. Funny and pretty fitting in many ways, Bitcoin’s Back is a nostalgic song that’s certainly going to have many people in stitches.

Bitcoins & Gravy – Ode to Satoshi

The Bitcoins & Gravy podcast has achieved near legendary status in the world of cryptocurrency, as it doesn’t stop short of serving up both the informative and the funny. The brainchild of Bitcoin entrepreneur, composer, writer, and self-proclaimed “merry prankster” John Barrett, this weekly podcast has given credence to the “official” Bitcoin song, Ode to Satoshi. With shout outs to Pete Seeger and Andreas Antonopoulos, if you like “a little bit of country” and a fair helping of Bitcoin, Ode to Satoshi is a comedic creation that will certainly bring a smile to your face.

Ali Spagnola – Bitcoin Anthem Mashup

You’ve probably heard a fair few mash-ups over the years, but this Ali Spagnola creation takes things to a whole new level. The brainchild behind the famous “Power Hour” drinking game, she turned her attention towards Bitcoin back in 2014, creating a super funny 33-song mash-up. Taking various popular songs and giving them a Bitcoin twist, this two-minute blitz doesn’t stop short of being one of the funniest Bitcoin parody videos on YouTube.

Spotted Marley – The Gift of Satoshi

Bitcoin has been a gift to the world, so much so that it deserved a song that summarised its rise. Enter The Gift of Satoshi, a song by Spotted Marley. The song itself is funny in its own right, as it celebrates “Satoshi Nakamoto, a real-life superhero”, but it’s the animated video that probably seals it a place on this list. Featuring a machine gun-toting Steve Jobs, a Presidential office filled with gorillas, and Super Mario snapping up Bitcoins, The Gift of Satoshi is silly through and through.