Mining Bitcoin Outside Is A Bad Idea

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As with everything in the world, people like to throw caution and common sense to the wind. However, one Bitcoin miner from Sweden has taken throwing the rulebook out the window to a new level. The young Bitcoin miner decided to put his mining rig outside in a bid to keep it cool. To protect it from the elements, the miner then decided to place it inside a cardboard box.

As you can expect, the crypto world was dumbfounded by how the mining rig was still working and hadn’t burnt down the Swedish countryside.

Leaves, Bugs and Rust Galore

Alongside a rather jovial title, the miner posted a picture of his mining rig with the fan removed. What lay inside the rig shocked many readers and brought tears to the eyes of professional miners around the globe. The fan was covered in rust – most likely owing to the damp air outside – and there were even leaves stuck to the fan.

We’re not professional miners, but we’re pretty sure that isn’t going to increase its cooling capability. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the worst part. The miner hadn’t been using a filter on the fan, meaning all sorts of dust, leaves, bugs and seeds managed to make their way inside the machine.

outside mining

As you can see from the image, inside the Bitcoin mining rig is all sorts of grime that appears to be fairly well baked on. This was taken after 6 weeks of mining Bitcoin outside. It’s impressive that the mining rig is still able to function given the amount of debris inside.

Mining Inside a Cardboard Box…

While we have to applaud the miner for his creativity and ingenuity of mining in the cool Swedish air as opposed to forking out for AC, a cardboard box probably wasn’t the safest way to go. Despite the mining rig allegedly not rising above 68 degrees Celsius, a cardboard box is very dangerous to mine inside of.

The heat from the mining rig would make the cardboard highly combustible, meaning a simple hardware malfunction that causes a thermal runaway could end up burning down the entire neighborhood.

While we have to admire the miner’s determination to mine Bitcoin, it’s probably not the best, safest or efficient Bitcoin mining setup we’ve ever seen. Since the image was posted, the miner has invested in a cooler box with air filtration – hopefully this will result in less dandelion puff making its way into the mining rig.