Safeway Shoppers to Get Bitcoin Cashback

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Safeway shoppers could see a surprise the next time they check out their online groceries – 3.5% of their purchase amount given back to them in BTC. The number one grocer across Washington, Colorado, and California is the latest entity to sign up to the crypto cashback scheme through Lolli, a browser extension that allows you to claim cashback in BTC in over 500 online stores.

Bitcoin Goes in the Basket

Safeway operates in 17 states from Alaska to New Mexico, and once shoppers sign up for a Lolli account they will see 3.5% of each shop’s value sent to their Lolli Bitcoin wallet. Given that the average weekly grocery spend in America is $118, that works out as $214 dollars per year going into Bitcoin, and with valuations of the digital currency expected to rise to anywhere between $100,000 and $1 million in the coming years, this could very well prove to be a financially sound investment without customers having to do anything except sign up.

Increased Exposure for Bitcoin

While the Lolli-Safeway deal clearly has the potential to massively benefits customers, it will also benefit cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular by increasing its exposure to the masses. Bitcoin suffers from a mystique where many of those who have heard about it have only done so through media reports, and so only know it for its association with criminal activity or climate change. They know nothing of its potential as an asset class with no connection to a government or institution, and while schemes like this will not necessarily be an awakening for the masses, finding that they own a little Bitcoin might be enough for some to research it a little more and find out the truth behind the nonsense in the mainstream media. Either way, the Safeway-Lolli deal represents another step along the road to awareness, which can’t come soon enough.