Bill Burr: “I’m Betting Bitcoin!”

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer discussed Bitcoin and banks with Anthony Pompliano on the comedians’ podcast, The Bill Bert Podcast
  • The trio discussed the iniquities of the existing financial system
  • Burr and Kreischer were “new customers” by the end of the podcast

Comedian Bill Burr could be another in the growing line of Bitcoin converts when he told Morgan Creek’s Anthony Pompliano after a 90-minute discussion that, “I’m betting Bitcoin, f*** this s***!” Appearing on The Bill Bert Podcast with Burr and fellow comedian Bert Kreischer, Pompliano did a great job in extolling the virtues of the digital currency while the trio also tore a strip off the traditional banking, with Burr seemingly brought around, while Kreischer said he wanted to become a Bitcoin miner.

Pompliano Educates Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer on Bitcoin

In an eye-opening discussion that ranged from the actions of central banks to America’s military presence in foreign countries, Pompliano educated Burr and Kreischer on what Bitcoin is all about and why it represents a good hedge against legacy financial systems. The discussion centred on the premise of money, with Pomplaino describing how the system works for the rich and against the poor.

Pompliano described how, “Everyone who lives in cash and doesn’t have assets, they just see their wealth getting deteriorated away”, while the rich become more wealthy off the back of the increasing value of assets, thanks to the federal reserve fueling the fire with quantitative easing.

In a nod to the often-stated notion that ‘Bitcoin fixes this’, he then described why Bitcoin’s deflationary mechanism was superior:

…no one can print it [Bitcoin]. The United States can’t print more, China can’t print more, Russia can’t print more […] And so if there’s a set amount, 21 million that will ever get created, basically you’re protected from all of that inflation, all the printing of money, and all that crazy shit.

Burr and Kreischer Unusually Quiet

Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer were notably less talkative during this episode than in others, clearly keen on learning about the topic, with Burr admitting that the concept of Bitcoin was “blowing my mind”. Both clearly already had a prior understanding of the inefficiencies of the banking system but didn’t know about the way in which Bitcoin’s design combats these issues.

The podcast, which also touches on the history of money and how the US government’s seizure of citizens’ gold in 1933 acts as a warning to future generations, has so far got 115,000 views on YouTube, which hopefully exposes Bitcoin to a new audience and leads to many more people echoing Bill Burr’s closing line – “I think you got two new customers on this one buddy”.