Immutable zkEVM Network to Allow Developers to Cover Gas Fees

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  • Immutable has hinted that its upcoming gaming platform, immutable zkEVM, will allow developers to cover gas fees
  • The web3 gaming firm said that such an option will draw more gamers into blockchain games
  • The feature is however an option and developers may choose to let gamers pay the gas costs

Blockchain gamers on the Immutable zkEVM network, an Ethereum layer 2 platform, will not pay transaction costs if developers on the platform embrace a feature allowing them to cover the costs on behalf of gamers. The network’s developer, Immutable, believes that such an option will increase the adoption and accessibility of web3 games. Although optional, the feature aligns with multiple attempts by web3 developers to popularize the space by simplifying interaction with the decentralized world.

Roadblocks to Decentralized Gaming

In a statement, Immutable noted that such an option will enhance user experience by providing a smooth onboarding for new gamers. The web3 firm added that transaction fees “are among the biggest roadblocks for the mass adoption of decentralized gaming.”

According to Immutable co-founder Alex Connolly, web3 games need to offer an experience similar to that of web2 games for them “to truly appeal to all gamers.”

Immutable also plans to cover gas costs for all gamers on Immutable zkEVM “for a limited time” when its mainnet goes live. The web3 firm has however noted that the option to sponsor transaction fees won’t be a burden to game developers since it would cost them around “$500-$1,000 for every 100,000 users.”

75% of Games have Failed

The revelations come two months after Immutable and Amazon partnered to extend web3 gaming boundaries by giving blockchain game creators more options such as training. Immutable has also partnered with gaming platform Ubisoft to create a web3 game.

With a recent report revealing that 75% of blockchain games have failed to maintain an active user base, it’s to be seen whether Immutable zkEVM’s approach will help developers keep games alive.