Assassin’s Creed Maker Taps AI Firm to Enhance NFT Game

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  • Ubisoft has partnered with AI firm Helika to enhance its upcoming NFT game
  • Ubisoft will utilize Helika’s services such as game management and analytics
  • The game developer will also tap the firm’s AI-based game optimization features

Web3 game developers are looking for a connection between the blockchain and AI with Assassin’s Creed creator Ubisoft being the latest to explore this link. Ubisoft announced a collaboration with AI firm Helika that will enable it to use the firm’s AI and other game-oriented functionalities in its upcoming NFT game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. Ubisoft will utilize Helika’s products like on-chain analytics and game management, something that may help curate superior experiences for gamers.

Balancing Game Sustainability with AI

According to Helika CEO Anton Umnov, the AI firm will be involved in Champion Tactics’ in-game data and feature management. Umnov also disclosed that Ubisoft is open to using the firm’s AI features to “balance their games for sustainable growth and ROI.”

Ubisoft’s Head of Blockchain Initiative Nicolas Pouard praised the partnership saying that it’s a “valuable addition to [the game developer’s] pipeline.” Pouard added that the collaboration will help in web3 gaming exploration, something he noted will be beneficial to players across the ecosystem.

Pouard revealed that they were considering partnering with other similar players but Helika came on top due to its extensive involvement with reputable entities in the web3 scene. Helika’s other notable collaborations in the space include Yuga Labs and Proof of Play.

PUBG Publisher Taps Circle

The Ubisoft-Helika collaboration comes four months after the game developer partnered with Immutable to create a web3 game. It also comes a day after PUBG publisher Krafton tapped crypto firm Circle to provide in-game web3 wallets for its metaverse game..

With Ubisoft going the AI route, it’s to be seen how it’ll help attract more gamers and enhance experiences inside the game.