How to Tell if You’re Part of a Cryptocurrency Cult or Not!

Reading Time: 4 minutes
  • Crypto-cults are incredibly common place, but many people don’t know they’re in one
  • Find out if you’re in a crypto-cult with these signs so that you can fix your life
  • Once you’re free from the crypto-cult, you’ll be so relieved and free

The cryptocurrency world is a crazy place, filled with eccentric people from all walks of life. This ends up creating a melting pot full of different characters. But, that doesn’t mean everyone has the best intentions and this can create crypto cults.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being in a crypto cult or a crypto cultist, but it can make you seem like a bit of a berk. Today, we’re going to run through the top traits of crypto cults and their members so you can find out if you’re part of a crypto cult. But we won’t tell you how to cure yourself – there’s no answer to that.

Sign 1 – Anything Remotely Negative Triggers You

The first sign on the crypto cult list is that if anyone points out anything remotely negative about your beloved crypto-cult then you’ll get triggered. This will usually result in you feeling angry, upset and it will give you an urge to dive onto crypto Twitter and point out that whoever made the comments is an idiot and is as dense as a sponge cake after you made up your own recipe.

This is exactly how a toddler that hasn’t learned how to deal with the fact that he, or she, cannot eat ice cream for breakfast every day of the week. If you’re old enough to have money to invest into an exchange, you really should have the reasoning skills to be able to deal with someone saying something that isn’t of your opinion without you having a meltdown.

Sign 2 – The Truth Hurts So You Deflect the Issues Elsewhere

Let’s say somebody called your crypto-cult a pile of trash and pointed out 8 very good reasons as to why it is – perhaps it takes a week to deposit tokens on to an exchange or the core team can roll back any transactions they desire. Now, once all the facts have been stated and calling it fake news didn’t work, you’ll likely have an urge to talk about something that’s completely not related to the conversation, but makes your cult look better in some light.

What this tells the world is that you don’t really have any answers as to why the project does this, likely because you fell for a marketing video with a pretty girl and promises of huge returns, and you can’t accept that it’s all smoke and mirrors. If you find yourself doing this, ask yourself, why do I feel this way. Perhaps it’s time to actually look into your crypto-cult and find out why you think it’s so good.

Sign 3 – The Thought of An Announcement Gets You Excited and You Book Time Off Work

If you’re part of a crypto-cult that loves to make announcements on a regular basis, or announcements that an announcement or an announcement is coming, then you’re probably going to get so excited that you actually take time off to wait for it. Who wouldn’t right? Why would you want to be last to the party and the last to hear the epic news?

In reality this tells the world, and your colleagues, that you have a weird addiction to what is very likely going to turn out to be some form of dump and dump scam, with the founders of the projects trading these announcements like their Pokémon cards in the school playground.

Next time your beloved cult leader says that he’s got an announcement about an announcement of an announcement, simply go to your day job like normal person and catch up on the garbage that he, or she, spouts out later on when you can slam back a bottle of vodka to remain as blind to the cult as you’ve always been.

Sign 4 – Genuine Red Flags Make You Angry – But Not at the Cult

We come to sign number 4, and this is a worrying sign. Someone from the crypto world, or perhaps even a government agency, starts pointing out major red flags about your crypto-cult. This will make you insanely crazy and you will start getting sweaty palms, you’ll become short tempered and will barely be able to contain yourself – a bit like someone with IBS after eating a rather spicy curry.

You have to let it all explode out of you. But, you won’t see the logic and the red flags that the 3rd party is highlighting, ohh no. Instead, you’ll go on a profanity-laden rant towards this poor soul who’s just trying to save you from throwing away your life savings. You’ll do everything in your measly power to try and defame the author of the red flags, using every trick you possibly can. You’ll likely try to intimidate them like some sort of playground bully after the nerdy kid’s lunch money.

In reality, you’re just so terrified of your beloved cult getting caught out and everyone you know mocking you for being part of a cult. In reality, your friends, family will welcome you back to reality with open arms, a warm mug of tea and a soft blanket.

Is There a Cure for Crypto-Cultism?

There is only a single cure for crypto-cultism, and it’s not an easy one to obtain. First of all, you must accept that you have been wrong this whole time and that you’re part of a crypto-cult. Then, distance yourself from the cult as much as possible. Unfollow accounts on Twitter, leave Telegram and Discord channels and sell up your tokens.

Unfortunately, this is really hard to do and 99% of people will fail to even acknowledge they’re part of a cult. Cults always look amazing and rosy from the inside, but that’s only because the leaders of the cult manipulate everything you see and feed you the lines you want to hear in order to believe them.

Do yourself a favor. If you have any of these signs, rent a cabin in the woods where there’s no WiFi and live there for 6 months – it’s your best shot at a clean break from crypto-cultism.