Kim Kardashian West Receives Her First Bitcoin

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Celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian West managed to score her first Bitcoin at a charity poker tournament in California. While Kim didn’t have to pay for her first Bitcoin – no surprises there – it certainly threw the cryptocurrency into the view of her 1 million Instagram followers. Kim was given her Bitcoin by Matthew Roszak – an investor and entrepreneur – who then posed with Kim and the fancy Bitcoin wallet for a photo.

Not the Kardashian’s First Brush with Crypto

This isn’t the first time Kim and her husband Kanye West have been in the crypto headlines. Back in January 2014, a cryptocurrency called “Coinye West” was launched, but after letters from Kanye’s legal team, it was renamed to Coinye. The original developers sold their stake of coins and left, leaving Coinye to be largely unused in the years following. However, a group of developers has taken up the challenge to bring Coinye back to life. The network has nearly mined all its coins, with now miners appearing to be leaving the network – the last block mined was over two hours ago.

The Cryptosphere Reacts

Possibly one of the best things about the crypto community is its ability to poke fun at itself. Redditors didn’t seem to take too kindly to the news of Kim Kardashian becoming the new face of Bitcoin. While Kim has an impressive total reach of roughly 114 million followers – her Instagram profile alone boasts 100 million followers – most of those are young girls interested in fashion and makeup. One Redditor even went as far as saying, “15-year-old girls everywhere are now interested in bitcoin, yay.” At the end of the day, as long as more people become aware of Bitcoin and its possibilities, the better chance it has at mass adoption. Free publicity is good publicity, right?

Is Kanye Preparing a Crypto Comeback?

Kanye is known for his cryptic tweets, especially when it comes to launching his new albums. Back in April, Kanye simply tweeted “Decentralize”. Now, whether that could be a sign that he is making a move in the crypto world or just learned a new word, we cannot tell. Perhaps Kanye is planning to move his music away from Spotify over to decentralized music streaming platform – Choon. Wheeler Walker JR – one of the biggest supporters of the #fuckSpotify movements – has been interacting with Kanye considerably in the past few weeks, could this be the meaning behind his cryptic tweet?

Whenever Kim Kardashian does something, it appears to make headlines – and headlines are great for Bitcoin. The more people that are aware of the benefits of crypto, the closer society becomes to mass adoption. We would love to see more of the Kardashians supporting crypto, perhaps even accepting crypto for their various product lines.