Bithumb Super Airdrop Set to Give Away 15 BTC

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bithumb is back with a bang, and in its latest announcement it’s giving away 15 BTC to one lucky winner. The South Korean crypto exchange will also be giving away stacks of ZEC, XMR, DASH, BTG, and OMG to celebrate its 5th Anniversary. It appears to have bounced back incredibly well from its $30 million hack back in June, which left it closed for a number of weeks.

10,000 Won Every Monday

We love our Monday reloads here at BitStarz and it appears Bithumb does too. Every Monday the exchange will be dropping 10,000 in cryptos between 500 lucky winners until the final prize draw on Christmas Eve. All traders have to do is trade on the platform. The trader with the highest trade volume come December 24th will bag themselves the top prize of 15 BTC. Although if you’re the top trader on the platform, 15 BTC is probably a drop in the ocean – still, free money is nice.

Lots of Other Prizes to Be Won

The top trader every week will be rewarded with 7 BTC and the next four members will be awarded with 100 ETH each. Finally, the next ten individuals, they will receive 8,000 XRP a piece. This will once again continue until the final draw on Christmas Eve. There will also be weekly drops of commission-free trade tokens that will be valid for one week once activated – pretty neat prizes for a crypto exchange that’s for sure.

China Banning Airdrops

China is determined to be the crypto party-pooper and is trying its hardest to ban airdrops. According to a report released by the Peoples Bank of China, the government is cracking down on airdrops, as they are being used by ICO projects to sneak under the radar and operate in the country. So bad news for Chinese Bithumb users, it might be a bit harder for you to win your airdrop prizes for being a top trader. Perhaps it’s time to cash in some of your holdings and look at a more crypto-friendly jurisdiction to live in?
If you want to take part in Bithumb’s birthday giveaway, all you have to do is click “Join the Event” once you log into your account and begin trading – it’s really that simple. This is certainly the most awesome giveaway we have seen from a crypto exchange and it’s making us want to put the past hacks behind us and start loving Bithumb once more. Good luck in your quest to become the platform’s top trader – don’t forget to share the Bitcoin love with us for telling you about this awesome prize.