Helika Launches Program to Accelerate Blockchain Games with AI

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  • Helika has launched a new program meant to accelerate web3 games using AI
  • The accelerator program is funded by top venture capital firms like Pantera Capital
  • The program launched with $50 million in its treasury

More companies continue to explore the intersection between blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), with AI-focused analytics firm Helika being the latest to enter the space. The AI firm launched Helika Accelerate, a program meant to enhance web3 games using AI. The program is supported by leading venture capital firms like Pantera Capital and launched with an initial treasury of $50 million, a combination that’s likely to awaken the curiosity of blockchain game developers regarding using AI in their creations.

Next-generation AI Capabilities in Web3 Games

In an announcement, Helika CEO Anton Umnov disclosed that the initiative will see his company assist blockchain game developers with tools to improve their “user acquisition, retention, growth, and other key gaming metrics.” Umnov also revealed that they’ll first focus on new projects that have started creating a product, adding that the program will also accommodate web2-focused games.

Pantera Capital’s Franklin Bi commented on the development saying that the AI-focused firm will provide web3 game developers with “critical data analytics and next-generation AI capabilities” that will catapult the growth of blockchain games.

Gaming projects accepted into Helika Accelerate will benefit from analytics such as the best blockchain to host their projects and access to user behavior and “user growth based on geography” reports to aid in a project team’s decision-making process. They’ll also access the much-needed capital to bring ideas to life.

Ubisoft and Yuga Labs Partner with AI Firm

The launch of Helika Accelerate comes roughly a month after Assassin’s Creed maker Ubisoft partnered with the AI firm to balance game sustainability with AI. Helika has also worked with web3 heavyweight Yuga Labs.

With Helika helping games to explore the blockchain-AI link, it’s to be seen whether web3 games using AI will have a major difference in terms of adoption and playability.