Flappy Bird Makes its Long-Awaited Comeback on EOS

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Flappy Bird was the iOS app that everyone was talking about back in 2013, and now it’s making a comeback on the EOS blockchain. Dong Nguyen. the original developer of the game, pulled the game from the iOS store after he got fed up of both the positive and negative fallout from its release, causing mass disappointment within the game’s fanbase. Finally, six years later developers have replicated the game and have placed it on the EOS network, giving players the chance to win stacks of EOS tokens as prizes for topping the leaderboard. All you need is a Scatter wallet and a handful of EOS to start playing.

Train AI Birds to Play for You

Flappy Bird is by far one of the most frustratingly hard mobile games ever produced – unless you are one of the lucky few who were skilled at it. Fortunately for those of you who were terrible at it, there is a robot version that utilizes AI and machine learning to play the game for you. All you have to do is train your birds and teach them how to detect the tubes, so that they can fly on through and earn you an epic high score.

EOS Prizes for Top Players and Trainers

If you needed an incentive to start playing Flappy Bird again, we think we have found it – EOS rewards for topping the leaderboard. If you place in the top seven for manual play, you will receive a nice chunk of EOS credited directly to your wallet. Secondly, there is a leaderboard for robot players and trainers – so start training up your birds and send them out to work. If that wasn’t enough, there is a mystery prize pool that dishes out hundreds of EOS every few hours to a randomly selected player.

dApp Games Becoming More Commonplace

There is great news for gamers who love blockchain technology, more and more developers are creating games on-chain – meaning you can finally use your crypto to play cool games. Over on the Bitcoin network, one developer has created a game where you have to kill penguins, sheep and, bears. Simply buy yourself some ammo and health by sending satoshis using the Lightning Network and you’re good to go.

Feeding Sheep with Crypto Payments

At the end of the day, these games are designed to test and prove the scalability of these networks, as well as the ability to handle microtransactions. Over on the IOTA network, a group of farmers set-up a system that allows people to feed sheep by sending a small amount of IOTA tokens to an address. Once the transaction has been received, treats will be dispensed to the sheep.
If you’re feeling lucky and want to try and win some EOS by playing flappy bird, we wish you the best of luck. Using the space bar on your keyboard is much easier than tapping the screen, and we have no doubt that this dApp will quickly shoot to the top of the dApp charts on the EOS network.