Deloitte Ditches Ethereum and Switches to VeChain

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Deloitte has been using the Ethereum network for quite some time now and has long been considered an Ethereum stalwart. However, in a new shock move, the “Big Four” services firm announced that it will be developing its blockchain solutions on the VeChain Thor network from now on. Deloitte said that the move was due to VeChain’s advanced features, as it looks to expand its blockchain services and become a top player in the blockchain service industry.

Deloitte Clients Getting an Upgrade

All of Deloitte’s blockchain service customers will be getting a welcomed upgrade in the coming weeks. As Deloitte puts the finishing touches on its new applications, all of its customers will be shifted over to the new Deloitte blockchain apps on the VeChain network. It has long been rumored that firms were ditching Ethereum as rogue dApps force gas fees higher and higher, making the network virtually unusable for legitimate developers.

VeChain Attracting Big Names

VeChain is currently enjoying a massive boost in popularity as a number of big-name firms shift over to the VeChain network or begin to use its suite of products. Back in April, HBO and Adidas teamed up with VeChain to produce a limited edition run of Game of Thrones sneakers. The rare sneakers come with a VeChain My Story NFC chip that allows owners to access unique behind the scenes videos, as well as verifying the authenticity of the sneakers. Days earlier, VeChain announced that it had signed a deal with Haier – the world’s largest appliance manufacturer – to use the My Story tags on every appliance it produces. These two new partnerships alone cement VeChain as the leading blockchain network for real-world use cases, and the Deloitte move only backs up this huge claim.

It’s Not Just Deloitte…

For Ethereum developers, it looks like it could be time to jump ship – Justin Sun will help. Earlier this year, both BMW and PricewaterHouseCoopers (PWC) migrated away from Ethereum to the VeChain network. The message that the collection of these firms moving to VeChain from Ethereum is sending hints that Ethereum simply isn’t the best out there. You don’t become a “Big Four” services firm using sub-par products.

As a result of the recent moves to VeChain, the network managed to handle a record number of transactions last weekend – recording more transactions than Bitcoin at one point. As more firms join the VeChain network, the price of the VeChain token (VET) will only continue to rise, making now the perfect time to buy.