Justin Sun Offers to "Rescue" Ethereum and EOS Developers

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Tron supremo Justin Sun has stoked the fires of the blockchain platform wars by offering to “rescue” EOS and Ethereum developers from the “collapse of their platforms”, as long as they move their creations to his platform. The timing behind this ‘offer’ don’t seem to be immediately apparent, but given that developers are starting to shutter projects in the wake of the crushing bear market, Sun may simply be reminding us that Tron is still operational.

Mao Fails to Bolster Tron’s Case

Tron Foundation executive Tom Mao had the chance to explain Sun’s message in more detail the following day when he was asked in an interview what the benefits of using Tron were for dApp designers. Mao however seemed stumped by the question and struggled to come up with an answer:

Yeah…uh…yeah, so for dApp developers and blockchain developers…uh…would be that…uh…like I said, definitely the…uh…you know, something…if, if, if that matters…if your dApp and its transactions matter whatever blockchain solution you’re trying to implement…you know, uh…compared to other smart contract bases…if throughput matters, then Tron comes out on top.

Cheap Tricks in Cheap Times?

Sun’s decision to pick on Ethereum and EOS may simply have been a cheap marketing trick when some projects are feeling the financial heat, and certainly it isn’t based on any known issues with his two cited. The price of EOS and Ethereum has of course dropped dramatically in 2018 but so has Tron’s, and indeed the rest of the market, so this is not indicative of collapsing platforms. Rumors have surfaced that Ethereum will soon announce a launch date for their scaling solution Constantinople which will be a huge boost, while EOS is still adding products to its platform, so it’s not clear just what Sun is referring to here.
Tron and Sun are no stranger to creating headlines, particularly in October when Sun boasted about a partnership with Chinese search engine Baidu only for it to emerge that Tron was renting cloud computing space from them. Tron may have grand ambitions to “build a truly decentralized internet”, but they will at the very least have to improve their communications if they want to achieve this goal.