Swissx Launches Hemp Flower Pegged Cryptocurrency and Exchange

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These days, there is a cryptocurrency for just about everything, so it comes as no surprise that Swissx has launched its own cryptocurrency to facilitate the purchasing and sale of hemp. The SWX Coin will be pegged to the global mean price of premium hemp flower, meaning it can be used as a form of payment as well as an investment token. On top of launching its own cryptocurrency, Swissx has announced plans to launch a hemp exchange that allows farmers to sell surplus at preferred rates to premium distributors around the globe.

Getting Paid to Farm Hemp

Farmers all around the world can opt to partner with Swissx to become a registered farmer, meaning they’re supplied with the custom-made strains that Swissx produces. These strains are designed to be genetically superior and yield far purer CBD oil when processed. The farmers are then paid for their hemp produce in SWX tokens that can be stored in their Swissx wallet. When the farmers wish to cash out, they can redeem their tokens for fiat at the bank’s vaults in Gstaad, Switzerland or from one of the regional offices in the Caribbean.

Cannabis Industry Warming to Crypto

California has been the beating heart of the legalization of cannabis movement, and it’s only fitting that the state is now allowing dispensaries to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. That’s right, Californian dispensaries will soon be able to pay their business taxes in crypto thanks to a new piece of legislation the local government is trying to push through the senate. All MAUCRSA licensed dispensaries will be able to take part. Under the act, only cryptos that are pegged to the USD are acceptable, meaning SWX farmers and distributors will have to cash out with Swissx before paying their taxes.

Only Shipping Pure CBD Oil

Swissx prides itself on delivering incredibly pure CBD oil. Each strain of hemp flower grown has been specially designed in a lab to yield the best properties possible. This means the products Swissx ships are top of the range and consumers won’t be disappointed. In fact, a wide range of celebrities have already endorsed Swissx’s products as some of the finest around – including Mike Tyson and the king of weed himself, Tommy Chong. Earlier this year, we saw No Borders Inc start accepting crypto payments for their CBD oil products, a feature that Swissx has already built into its online store. Swissx accepts, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash currently, as well as a range of fiat payment methods.

Swissx is shaking up the booming CBD oil industry with its incredible range of products. Farmers are being paid fairly for their produce and don’t have to expose themselves to the risk of banks declining payments, especially given they’re coming from a known CBD oil manufacturer.