Craig Wright Told to Identify Satoshi Evidence by September 4

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  • Craig Wright has been told to identify which evidence supports his argument to be Bitcoin’s creator by September 4
  • Wright sued Peter McCormack in April last year for libel after McCormack claimed that Wright was not Satoshi Nakamoto
  • McCormack will settle if the evidence is sufficient

Craig Wright has been told to identify which of the evidence in his upcoming trial against Peter McCormack supports his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto by September 4. McCormack tweeted the update in the case, a defamation suit brought by Wright in April 2019, adding that he had offered to settle if the evidence was compelling enough.

Craig Wright Wants to “Face his Detractors”

McCormack, host of the What Bitcoin Did podcast, attracted Wright’s ire during the BSV creator’s spate of issuing lawsuits against anyone who stated that he was not the pseudonymous Bitcoin creator. Wright issued cease and desist letters to McCormack and asked him to make a public apology, which McCormack failed to do, resulting in Wright suing for libel – one of five such cases Wright issued at the time.

McCormack’s tweets were the first movement in the case in some time, which is due to head for trial in May 2021. According to McCormack, he and his team asked to delay discovery in the case until their ‘strikeout’ request had been heard in November. This strikeout request is McCormack’s attempt to have the judge throw the case out before it goes to trial, which Wright’s mouthpiece CoinGeek described as potentially “depriving both Wright and the many interested spectators of the chance to see Wright face his detractors in court.”

Wright v McCormack May Not Go To Court

The requests from both sides to delay discovery appear to have been denied, with McCormack stating that “discovery will continue”, but that Wright has until September 4 to “identify the documents which prove he is Satoshi”. McCormack adds that his team have been “asking for this evidence since all this began”, and offered to settle if the evidence was compelling enough.

It seems then that by mid-September we should have a clear idea of what McCormack’s legal team think of the strength of Craig Wright’s case, which is likely to only consist of the evidence Wright has put forward in other cases so far, some of which was heavily criticized by the judge in Wright’s case against the estate of Dave Kleiman.