Craig Wright Podcast ‘Dr Bitcoin’ to Launch Monday

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  • A podcast telling the full Craig Wright story is starting on Monday
  • Dr Bitcoin – The Man Who Wasn’t Satoshi Nakamoto drops the same day as Wright’s court case against the Kleiman estate
  • Dr Bitcoin will be the first time Craig Wright’s story has been told in full

A podcast outlining the tangled web that is Craig Wright’s long-running attempt to be crowned Bitcoin’s creator starts on Monday – the same day as the Kleiman vs Wright case. Dr Bitcoin – The Man Who Wasn’t Satoshi Nakamoto will tell the whole Craig Wright story, from his battles with the Australian Tax Office in 2013 to his imminent case against the estate of his dead business partner and best friend Dave Kleiman. Created by our very own Mark Hunter and co-hosted by Arthur van Pelt, Dr Bitcoin represents the first time the whole Craig Wright story has been told and promises to flesh out the background to the multi-billion-dollar court case starting the same day.

Dr Bitcoin Will Lay the Groundwork For Wright’s Satoshi Claims

Many know Craig Wright simply as the man who says he invented Bitcoin and has started suing people who say he’s not, but the story goes far deeper than that. Dr Bitcoin goes right back to his battles with the Australian Tax Office in 2013, which the podcast says laid the groundwork for his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, along with a deal he signed in 2015 to be recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto.

The podcast will cover all Wright’s attempts since then to be recognized as Bitcoin’s founder, including his disastrous 2016 signing sessions and his multiple lawsuits, right up to the contest against the estate of Dave Kleiman which could see Wright lose half of the $67 billion Bitcoin haul Wright says is locked up in the Tulip Trust – a haul the podcast suggests doesn’t exist.

Podcast Starts the Same Day as Kleiman Trial

Dr Bitcoin is co-hosted by Craig Wright uber-skeptic Arthur van Pelt, who has been interviewed twice by FullyCrypto about Craig Wright and his antics. Van Pelt has published many works debunking Wright’s claims in the past, and there are suggestions that the podcast could lead to a book or documentary series.

Dr Bitcoin – The Man Who Wasn’t Satoshi Nakamoto starts Monday, November 1, and is available from Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more.