Essential Bitcoin Reading – 4 Books To Stand By

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Bitcoin – along with various other cryptocurrencies – are taking the Internet by storm, but to get the most out of what’s at hand it pays to have knowledge on your side. While our Bitcoin guide and various hot off the presses news updates will certainly point you in the right direction, a bit of extra-curricular reading can still go a long way. Ensuring that you don’t get wrapped up in the publications that don’t matter, we’ve decided to place the spotlight on four books that are simply essential for learning about Bitcoin and what it’s capable of.

No. 1 – The Internet of Money (Andreas Antonopoulos)

Coming from the pen of early Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos, this book makes for slim but positively pivotal reading. Spread across just 150 pages, The Internet of Money details the basics of Bitcoin via eleven key lectures given between 2013 and 2016, addressing current related technologies, along with the history, political, and potential social change that Bitcoin has the power to be intertwined with. What’s most endearing about this particular read is that it isn’t solely focused on how Bitcoin acquisition can lead to potential profit, Antonopoulos also addresses how Bitcoin has the power to improve the world, giving 4 billion people access to a stable banking system. Short, sweet, and the perfect Bitcoin supplement, Antonopoulos has hit the mark with The Internet of Money.

No. 2 – The Age of Cryptocurrency (Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey)

For those new to Bitcoin as both a cryptocurrency and a concept, The Age of Cryptocurrency is a book that’s well worth picking up. This title provides the perfect foundation for exploring all things Bitcoin, as it answers the key start-up questions such as “what is Bitcoin?”, “when did it start?”, and “who are the major players?”. There are plenty of books that claim to be the best introduction to Bitcoin, but The Age of Cryptocurrency probably pinches that title, as everything from the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto to the fall of Mt. Gox is included. Anyone with even a passing interest in Bitcoin should certainly take the time to flick through the pages of The Age of Cryptocurrency.

No. 3 – Blockchain (Melanie Swan)

Those that have a distinct interest in the technical side of Bitcoin and blockchain will find Blockchain by Melanie Swan to be a riveting read. Released in 2015, the book details the technical aspects of Bitcoin, specifically the advancements and innovations that have come about through the blockchain. However, this book represents more of a tell-all than an all-positive affair, as Swan argues that – given time – the blockchain may become as disruptive a computing paradigm as it is useful. Addressing Bitcoin’s impact in making data mining much more efficient, but not skirting the controversial topics, Blockchain is the technical Bitcoin read that many will take great enjoyment from.

No. 4 – Digital Gold (Nathaniel Popper)

An award winner in every sense, Digital Gold was nominated for 2015 Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year for a reason. Delving deep into the mystery and aura behind Bitcoin’s anonymous creator, this book covers the names that have helped bring Bitcoin to the brink of mainstream acceptance. Satoshi Nakamoto, the Winkelvoss twins, and various millionaires from around the world are addressed in detail. Popper also addresses the similarities between Bitcoin and gold in detail, along with how Bitcoin may potentially become the future’s “store of value” investment product.
The reading list for any Bitcoin investor, trader, or user is pretty lengthy, as the subject matter has exploded in recent years. However, not every book that crosses your path should be picked up and read cover to cover. For that reason, stand by the recommendations of the BitStarz team, as the above publications certainly won’t steer you wrong!