Bitcoin Superstore Adds Tron as a Payment Option

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As the levels of crypto adoption continue to soar, more websites are beginning to accept cryptos as payment options. Unfortunately, some of the biggest retailers are still distancing themselves from the crypto world in spite of its growing popularity. Fortunately, sites like Bitcoin Superstore and Coinbase are on hand to help you spend your cryptos on almost anything. Bitcoin Superstore works slightly differently to the voucher-based solutions like Coinbase and Bitrefill. You simply paste the product details you wish to buy, Bitcoin Superstore fronts the money and sends you a bill in the crypto of your choice – it’s really that simple.

Demand for Tron Grows

Tronix is the currency of decentralized content sharing platform Tron. It leverages peer-2-peer (p2p) network technology and for this reason it has become incredibly popular. Bitcoin Superstore lets users send in requests of new cryptos they would like to see added to the payment method list, and it then adds the most popular. Currently, the platform now accepts seven cryptos, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Tron. The increased demand for Tron has helped it earn a place on the prestigious checkout cryptocurrency list, this list is supposed to grow by one new crypto every week, but in reality, we are seeing a new crypto added every month or so.

Splashing the Digital Cash

There is an increasing demand from the majority of goods and services markets to start accepting cryptos. When sites have begun to accept cryptos, they have largely seen an uptake in customers – especially amongst those with big amounts of BTC to spend. Interestingly, Beyoncé and Jay Z have listed a handful of packages for the On The Run II tour on an upmarket crypto website, and they have nearly sold out. In addition to musicians, people are also listing their homes in Bitcoin. This is most likely due to the low transaction fees involved and the speed at which it is transferred between wallets.

Simple Ways to Buy Cryptos

This demand for places to spend cryptocurrencies is most likely driven by the fact it is now easier than ever to get your hands on cryptos. Apps like Change and Skrill now give users instant access to the crypto markets, meaning that crypto can be purchased with ease by the average person. Simplistic crypto purchasing methods such as these apps are vital in the drive towards mass adoption, as many users are not comfortable with using crypto exchanges or just don’t have the technical knowledge to configure a crypto wallet.
With more stores beginning to accept cryptos and sites like Bitcoin Superstore covering those that don’t, crypto owners can now almost live day to day using only crypto. Fiat’s reign looks like it could be losing its grip over the online payment world, and as these sites become better known this grip will only loosen more.