Coursera Launches Blockchain Courses for Professionals

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Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) courses are becoming more popular, and “Blockchain Analyst” is currently one of the most searched trends on LinkedIn from recruiters. To help quench the massive demand for blockchain and DLT professionals, more academic centers are launching blockchain and DLT courses. To help feed this demand, Coursera has teamed up with INSEAD to create and host blockchain courses for professionals.

Focusing on the Middle East

The new blockchain course will comprise of four key areas, including Blockchain technologies, Decentralized Applications, Blockchain Platforms and Smart Contracts. Applicants for the course aren’t required to have any programming skills as it’s aimed at middle management and c level executives. Interestingly, the course has been aimed at applicants from the Middle East mainly, while the rest of the world are an afterthought. The Middle East is known to be home to some of the biggest c level executives and middle management employees in the business world, but it’s not known for its blockchain technology movement.

Universities Leading the Pack

Coursera is one of the most popular places for studying online courses, but universities are still the top choice when it comes to further education. Back in October 2018, the University of Gibraltar launched blockchain related education courses, with the University of Geneva quickly following up with blockchain development related courses. Over at the New York University, students can pick blockchain technology as a major – helping the next wave of university graduates to be fully versed in the blockchain world. The demand for blockchain courses is incredibly high, and there is still a relatively small group of educational centers offering these courses.

Education Centers Popping Up

For those who don’t fancy putting their lives on hold to head back to school or study a full-length course, various education centers are popping up all over the globe. New York got its first blockchain education center where people can go and ask any questions they might have and pick up new skills from resident experts. Here, projects can rent office space to benefit from the close-knit community of blockchain experts as well as lending help to people looking to learn more.

The world of blockchain and DLT is rapidly expanding, and more people than ever before are looking to join the industry. These courses will help firms hire the best talent and will help young people find new career paths. Blockchain and DLT is undoubtedly the future of the world, so learning these skills now is vital to career longevity.