New York Launches Blockchain Training Center

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Manhattan is the now home to New York’s first blockchain training center, which is designed to help aspiring developers hone their skills and for the general public to learn more about this new technology. Future Perfect Ventures – a prominent blockchain VC firm – and the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) have teamed up to get the blockchain training center up and running. Courses started on January 9th and can be attended by anyone who is interested.

Educating the Next Wave of Adopters

This blockchain training center has been built with a single goal in mind – helping the world understand and learn about blockchain technology. It’s a completely neutral center, meaning people who attend courses and seek help won’t be pushed to use certain companies or projects as partners – giving entrepreneurs total freedom of choice. By educating the world about blockchain technology, the blockchain training center is hoping to help the industry develop into a global ecosystem and push the boundaries of mass adoption.

Gibraltar Leading the Way in Blockchain Education

When it comes to all things blockchain, Gibraltar has long been at the forefront. The government of Gibraltar has formed the New Technologies in Education (NTiE) Advisory Group in order to develop courses about blockchain technology. These courses are currently being taught at the University of Gibraltar and are designed to educate the next generation in order to satisfy the demand for blockchain workers in the country. Currently, Gibraltar is facing a shortage of blockchain trained personnel and companies are having to recruit from overseas to fill positions. This new set of courses is designed to overhaul that and change company hiring habits.

Access to Blockchain Education is Easier Than Ever Before

Many industry experts have realized that the general population still don’t quite understand blockchain technology. In order to change this worrying statistic, organizations are setting up free to access banks of information that can be used by anyone wishing to learn more. Lightning Hood has created one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand guides to blockchain, Bitcoin, and the Lightning Network. Its goal is to educate the masses to help the adoption of blockchain technology around the globe.
Bitcoin is already giving kids a second chance at a great start in Venezuela, and organizations are now starting to give adults a second chance at finding a new career. By educating adults in blockchain technology, companies will benefit from more knowledgeable employees that help push the boundaries of blockchain technology further than we previously thought possible.