You Can Now Major in Blockchain Technology at New York University

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Blockchain technology is undoubtedly the future, and as it becomes more intertwined with daily life, more people want to learn about it. Multiple colleges and universities around the globe have begun offering classes in blockchain technology, but New York University (NYU) is now offering a major in Blockchain Technology. Finally, students can study the hottest subject in the tech world, with there being a tangible qualification at the end of it. Educating students in blockchain technology will create a new wave of entrepreneurs that use blockchain to solve everyday problems, ranging from banking to healthcare.

Classes Starting This Fall

The first class of the Bitcoin Technology major at NYU gets underway this fall. The course has actually received greater interested than NYU had predicted, so professors have had to book larger rooms to give lectures and classes in. Over 100 students have enrolled to be in the first ever Blockchain Technology major and in three years’ time, they will be the first graduates entering the workforce with this prestigious qualification.

Universities Getting Involved

The University of Malta has launched a blockchain scholarship fund to help students that wish to complete their Masters or PhD in Blockchain Technology. This new fund will give students the ability to research and create their thesis around this emerging technology. Malta is one of the most forward-thinking countries when it comes to blockchain technology, so it comes as no surprise to hear that its university is so accommodating. Perhaps it won’t be long before the University of Malta is offering a Blockchain Technology course.

Companies Hiring Top Talent

Almost all top companies are working on blockchain solutions, and these companies need the best blockchain minds in order to do so. This new course will help give students access to some of the biggest companies in the world. IBM has teamed up with Stellar to build a new payment network, and students who complete this course will be top candidates for new positions within the two companies.

Not Just For Developers

When it comes to blockchain technology, it’s not just a world full of developers. There is a myriad of jobs available within the industry, so this new course will give students the upper hand when applying for work in any facet of the blockchain industry. The Japan Financial Services Agency is already struggling to cope with the growing demand, as such it is hiring 12 new members to process blockchain regulation permits.
Education is the key to the future, so if we encourage education as much as possible, the future of blockchain will only be prosperous. By inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs, we will see progressively more creative uses for blockchain technology.