University of Geneva Offering Blockchain Development Courses

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The next generation of blockchain developers looks set to be promising, as universities from around the world are all starting to launch their own blockchain related courses. The University of Geneva is the latest to join on the blockchain bandwagon, adding a blockchain development course focusing on NEO, Ethereum, and Hedera Hashgraph. The course will run for three months, starting on March 1, 2019, and will run until June 8, 2019. Upon completion of the course, students will receive 12 European ECTS credits.

Flexible Blockchain Learning for All

While the course will only run for three months, students taking the course will be afforded a certain degree of flexibility with their learning. Students can either attend lectures or study remotely in their own time – presumably to fit in with hectic work schedules. The course comprises of four modules, all of which will need to be completed within the three month period.

  • M1: Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and Decentralized Application Theory
  • M2: Development with NEO
  • M3: Development with Ethereum
  • M4: Development with Hashgraph Hedera

In order to complete the course, students will need to develop their own prototype using the knowledge they have learnt. Whether they build a dApp, consensus protocol, or entirely new blockchain is up to the students.

Blockchain Scholarship Funds

If you have financial commitments and cannot afford to head back to school and study blockchain, don’t fear. The University of Malta has created a blockchain scholarship fund to help students study the wonderful world of blockchain technology. If you’re a masters or PhD candidate, you can apply for funding to help you out with your studies – a pretty nice gift from the blockchain island we must say.

Blockchain Education Centers Opening Up

Over in America, the blockchain education scene is also ramping up. New York unveiled its first blockchain training center in January and will be funded by a prominent blockchain VC firm. On the other side of the country, Washington State opened its first blockchain innovation campus to give researchers a base to operate out of. Both of these facilities will help the next generation of blockchain developers and projects to come through. By educating and providing researchers with a base to work from, these two states are helping create a new wave of secure, safe, and useful blockchain projects that will shape the world.
The University of Geneva is taking a huge step in the right direction, and if this course is successful we could see the university extend the course and make it full-time with a fully accredited degree at the end of it. While that might be a couple of years off, it’s definitely the direction the industry is heading.