Changeangel Makes FullyCrypto its Official Media Partner

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  • Changeangel has announced that FullyCrypto will be one of its key media partners
  • The partnership will bring awareness and news updates from non-ico coins such as DigiByte, Reddcoin, Verge, and Potcoin to a top tier mainstream media outlet
  • Changeangel continues its selfless crusade to help non-ico coins get the exposure that they need and deserve in a busy crypto world

In a world where crypto news is controlled by money and personal feuds, scoring the perfect media partnership deal can be tough. Fortunately for changeangel – the swap exchange for social good – FullyCrypto has its back.

As of today, FullyCrypto is now an official media partner of changeangel. This means that all of the incredible projects listed on changeangel’s platform will get their latest news, features, and events covered by a top tier crypto media outlet.

Changing the World One Step at a Time

Changeangel is the swap exchange for social good, helping non-ICO projects get the funding that they desperately need by donating swap fees. A small portion of the fees collected when swapping to a non-ICO on changeangel will go directly to the project, helping them further develop and community growth. This is such an amazing feature that virtually no other exchange out there has.

The charitable work doesn’t end there. Changeangel is also renowned for its work with charities, helping children and vulnerable people from all around the world. Back in 2019. changeangel held a fundraiser by raffling off the Bitcoin Angel. The funds from the auction were used to bring fresh water to more than 2,000 people in the poorest parts of the world.

Spreading Awareness to the World

Spreading crypto awareness is incredibly important for the longevity of the industry, and it’s the best way for non-ICO projects to gain traction. Non-ICO projects are often overlooked due to the lack of fanfare around their ICO or IEO, but that doesn’t mean they’ve got any less potential.

To help spur crypto awareness of non-ICO coins, changeangel has teamed up with Nelson Carreiro from DigiByte Comics to produce a series of crypto manga comics. These will be released to the world very soon, spreading awareness about crypto and these amazing non-ICO projects on a whole new level.

Stay Tuned for the Latest Developments

Here at FullyCrypto, we pride ourselves on fair and unbiased crypto news reporting. We dig into every single story and approach it from fresh angles, giving you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the cryptocurrency space. Stay tuned to FullyCrypto for the latest developments from changeangel and leading non-ICO coins such as DigiByte, Reddcoin, Verge, Potcoin, and Ravencoin.