Apple CEO Prefers Augmented Reality Over Metaverse

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Tim Cook believes that augmented reality holds the future, rather than the metaverse
  • The Apple CEO thinks most people don’t know what the metaverse is
  • His sentiments explain why Apple avoids using the term despite Facebook having an obsession with it

Apple CEO Tim Cook has provided his views on which is likely to stand the test of time between augmented reality (AR) and the metaverse, and it’s not the newcomer. Speaking to Bright, Cook opined that AR, not the metaverse, is going to take over the world in the same manner as the internet and smartphones. The Apple executive further said that his company isn’t fond of using the term metaverse since “the average person” can’t define “what the metaverse is.”

Apple Mentions ‘Metaverse’ Once, Facebook 36 Times

Apple’s dislike of the term ‘metaverse’ could be seen in its recent earnings call. In the report, Apple only mentioned the term once, which is in sharp contrast to Facebook, which mentioned it 36 times in a similar report.

Cook said that AR capabilities will encompass all aspects of our lives in the future, saying that one day we will “look back” and wonder how we survived without it. Touching on virtual reality (VR), he observed that it has limitations since it doesn’t offer comprehensive communication. Cook considers AR as a “really” immersive technology capable of being used in a “good way.”

Is the Metaverse a Tangible Product or a 3D World?

Apple is rumoured to be developing a standalone headgear with a mix of AR and VR features, which is one reason why Cook is so ebullient on them. Early this year, the Apple executive revealed that his company is always on the lookout for emerging technologies. He supported his point by referring to more than 10,000 AR-based apps in Apple’s App Store.

The term metaverse has been a conflict zone with some executives viewing it as a three-dimensional replica of the current world while others think it’s a tangible product like AR. And it seems that Apple won’t be joining other tech firms like Samsung and Microsoft and entering the metaverse.