Can Blockchain Fix the Broken Music Industry?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Artists are paying their way to the top of the charts, not earning their accolades
  • Blockchain technology allows artists to prove and verify they’re genuine and that they deserve to be top 10
  • Platforms like Emanate are making blockchain in music more popular and easier to use

The music industry is one of the most secretive and mysterious industries out there. Artists suddenly appear out of nowhere, win awards then slink off into the sunset. But, it turns out that most of the awards out there are actually bought by record labels and artists often pay their way to get on the billboards.

This is a huge issue for legitimate musicians, especially those that are just starting out and don’t have millions of dollars to buy their way to the top. But there is a saving grace out there – blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the music industry and will hopefully make it much more transparent.

Buy a Top 10 Single for $1 Million

If you’ve ever heard of 6ix9ine then you’ll know that he went from being a SoundCloud artist in 2017 to an international “rapper” thanks to a deal with Elliot Grange who arranged a distribution deal with Universal. According to The Academy Music Business, 6ix9ine paid to graduate from SoundCloud to the big leagues of the billboard charts. This isn’t a rare occurrence as many other artists are also doing this.

Blockchain technology can help resolve this way for rich kids, or convicts, using their money to buy their way to the top. Blockchain technology allows for a clear and transparent way to measure artists and track value through statistics that are written to the blockchain. These stats cannot be bought or manipulated, making it the clear future of the industry thanks to the level playing field it creates.

Emanate is Here to Help

Choon launched as one of the big players in the blockchain music industry, but after Choon closed its doors, a platform called Emanate stepped in to help the artists that lost their profiles on Choon and, as a result, their earnings.

Emanate has been around since 2017, making it one of the more established blockchain music streaming platforms. Artists are paid instantly based on listens and they can set their own commission per play, sharing fees with people that create playlists with their songs in. Aside from this cool feature, artists that collaborate can instantly split payments up to 50 parties, preventing any bad blood between artists.

Emanate already has some huge artists listed on its platform, including the likes of Deadmau5, Type3, Buchanan, Rezident and Dirty Radio. As time goes on, more and more big-name artists are migrating away from corrupt platforms like Spotify to these next generation blockchain streaming platforms.