Bitrefill Lets You Buy Almost Anything with Bitcoin

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In a press release on its blog, Bitrefill announced that it is diversifying its offering to include much more than simply mobile phone top-ups in Bitcoin. This is great news for the Bitcoin community, as it gives holders of the currency a much-needed outlet to spend BTC. This adds fuel to the fire in the ongoing debate for governments to start recognizing Bitcoin as a global currency. With this nearly unlimited list of items that can now be bought with Bitcoin, it will really boost the cryptocurrencies sentiment and could be the catalyst needed to get cryptocurrency to the masses. Interestingly, Marc Lasry suggested that when Bitcoin is accessible by the average American it will take off – could this be the beginning of enhanced accessibility?

How Does It Work?

Bitrefill utilizes the Lightning Network – a feature which it integrated during 2017 – to quickly accept payments and provide vouchers to its users. Users simply select the voucher – or mobile phone top-up – they wish, they select the amount, send Bitcoin to the address provided and the voucher will be delivered within minutes. Users can select to pay in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (and Lightning BTC), Litecoin (and Lightning LTC), Ethereum, Dash, and Doge.

What Can You Buy?

We love spending our cryptos, in fact we are always on the lookout for cool new things to spend cryptos on. However, Bitrefill blows anything we previously imagined out of the water. It gives users the ability to buy vouchers with crypto, and Amazon has a pretty endless catalog of products. If spending your crypto at Amazon doesn’t excite you, don’t panic. It has a comprehensive range of other vouchers available, ranging from eBay and Home Depot to Uber and the Playstation Store.

Slowly Growing List of Options

The company is constantly adding more brands and retail outlets to the list. Their main goal is to ensure that Bitcoin is future-proofed, and to help people to see that Bitcoin can be used as a means of payment for goods and services. It has created Google alerts to notify the business development team when another company starts accepting Bitcoin, so they can add it to their list through vouchers. In Moon Zebra’s exclusive interview, Head of Sales and Marketing Leon Siegmund said, “for Bitcoin to become widely accepted, people need to contribute.” Bitrefill is certainly doing its part for the Bitcoin community and pushing towards a world where more outlets accept cryptocurrencies.

With Bitrefill adding more companies to the list of available vouchers all the time, it demonstrates the crypto community’s desire to spend their cryptos on everyday items. Companies like this help push the boundaries of the crypto world and drive it towards global acceptance.