Beyoncé and Jay-Z Show Crypto Love with Bitcoin Tickets

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Beyonce and Jay-Z are once again showing their love for crypto and selling tickets to their On The Run II (OTR II) tour with special crypto packages. Back in 2014, the iconic duo sold tickets in Bitcoin through the Chicago Sun newspaper in a wildly successful PR campaign. This time around they are offering special crypto packages that only serve to heighten the fan experience. The exclusive crypto packages are boasting an incredible set of perks, such as VIP parking, exclusive access to the pre-show VIP lounge and the VIP bar – with beer, wine, signature cocktails, and hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, red-carpet photo ops, and more. If the chance to see the super popular Beyonce doesn’t make you want to part with a few Bitcoin, we aren’t too sure what will.

Bitcoin Cash Barges In

It isn’t often Bitcoin Cash is invited to the party, but sure enough it managed to get itself a seat at the table. You can book your OTR II tickets using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Judging by a recent post on Twitter, Bitcoin Cash had to do some serious begging to get listed as an accepted payment method. sent an email to Swiss crypto exchange – Bity – earlier this month threatening that if it wasn’t added as a trading pair, it would remove a link from its website to Bity. Bity, however, wasn’t going to stand for Bitcoin Cash’s threats and struck back with some pretty amusing comments. It said there is “currently no economy that we are currently aware of which uses BCH. There are no cases of businesses being built around the direct use of BCH, unlike Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).” Ouch, that’s going to sting a bit.

Cryptocurrency Acceptance Spreads

Thanks to the likes of Coinbase, BitPay, and the Lightning Network, more companies are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods. These firms give companies the ability to accept crypto in a simplistic and stress-free way, helping to increase the global acknowledgment of cryptos.
A popular purchase for Chinese crypto millionaires is overseas property. Following a clampdown on cryptos in China, Chinese crypto investors are converting their crypto investments into overseas real estate, which has been causing some issues for locals, as the price of property is becoming inflated. While some companies are still not accepting crypto – or are removing crypto as a payment option – there are still solutions. Bitrefill allows users to buy vouchers for popular shopping sites using crypto and then checkout on those sites with the vouchers. While this isn’t directly allowing users to pay with cryptos, it’s certainly a step towards a more crypto-centric future.

Keep an Eye on the White Company

The White Company – the company behind the OTR II crypto packages – certainly isn’t new to the crypto industry, having sold a vintage Ferrari for $4 million to a Chinese collector. It hosts a whole range of crypto priced items on its website and boasts the ability to get its hands on almost anything you desire. It seems the future of luxury and wealth is turning towards crypto, with more sites that cater to this demand popping up every week.