CoinPoker Challenge: 1 Million CHP Tokens if You Beat the Shuffle

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Calling all poker kings and bug hunters – a poker-based cryptocurrency is giving away tokens if you can prove their shuffle system is flawed. CoinPoker, an open source poker platform that promotes fairness and transparency in the game, is giving away one million CHP tokens to anybody who can find a flaw in their ‘transparent’ shuffle mechanism. The process involves verifying the randomness of the shuffle in their system, and anyone that can prove their shuffle was not genuinely random will be awarded a million CHP tokens.

Peeking Behind the Casino Curtain

Online casinos like BitStarz use random number generators in their games to ensure total fairness. A random number generator is software used in any gambling module to ensure that any card you or the casino receives is random. The same software is also used in slot machines to ensure that the symbols that land are genuinely random, that nobody can rig the game, and that the results of the spins have nothing to do with previous results, time of day, or anything at all. At BitStarz we call this our ‘provability’, and you can read more about our provability here. Less scrupulous online casinos don’t offer an explanation of their game systems, and new casinos have to build up a reputation about their engine, which is why CoinPoker are offering such a large bounty to reward participants.

Go Hunt Those Bugs

To take part in the bug hunt, individuals need to insert code to the software that allows them to verify the randomness of the card shuffle. It also allows them to insert codes that, collectively, will alter the shuffling mechanism of the software. At the end of the game, the system will also disclose the unused cards, which will allow players to analyze whether they were cheated or not. If you find an error, you will receive your one million CHP token bug bounty. All you need to do is to prove the system wrong. To win the bounty, you must meet be able to prove, without a doubt, any of the following conditions:

  • That players do not have an equal opportunity to participate in the card shuffling activity.
  • That a player cannot influence the card shuffling activity through the open source software.
  • That there is a seed or a code that exists that enhances anyone’s probability of winning.
  • That you can decode the software and predict with accuracy which cards will show up at the start of a deal.

If you think you can beat the system and you want to become a CHP millionaire, get bug hunting today!