Atomic Wallet Hack Losses Exceed $35 Million

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  • Atomic Wallet users have lost over $35 million in a hack that happened on June 2
  • One victim lost close to $8 million, with the five most impacted entities losing a cumulative $17 million
  • On-chain investigator ZachXBT expects the amount lost to increase as he uncovers more victims


Atomic Wallet users have lost over $35 million in a hack that happened on June 2, with on-chain investigator ZachXBT expecting the amount to reach upwards of $50 million as more victims are uncovered.  So far, the five most impacted users have lost $17 million cumulatively with one of the victims accounting for almost half of that amount. According to the investigator, some funds have been recovered from the hacker “for one of the victims.”

Where were the Coins Withdrawn?

According to Atomic Wallet, less than 1% of its active users have reported missing funds, adding that they’re working with crypto exchanges and blockchain security providers to follow the attacker’s trail and block funds. The wallet has however not revealed how the attack happened or whether it has already put measures to stop more losses.


In an effort to establish how the hack happened, affected users reaching out to the wallet have been asked to provide information about their internet providers, the platform they accessed their wallets from and addresses where their coins were withdrawn, among others.

It’s Seriously Scary

The hack has thrown the crypto world into panic with some saying it’s “seriously scary” to see such a respected storage platform compromised “despite being around for years. The breach adds to the list of DeFi hacks, with Jimbos Protocol and WDZD Swap being among the latest platforms to lose funds to malicious actors. 



According to the Hong Kong Police Force, the decentralized nature of blockchain and Web3 products motivates criminals to go after end users.

With hacked platforms like Jimbos Protocol engaging security providers such as Homeland Security or offering a bounty to recover stolen funds, it’s yet to be seen which route Atomic Wallet will take.