MetaMask Launches Brand New Mobile App

Reading Time: 2 minutes

MetaMask is one of the most popular browser extensions that allows users to access the world of Ethereum from their regular browser and without the need of running an Ethereum full node. In a bid to let users interact with the Ethereum and dApp world on the go, MetaMask has developed and launched a beta version of the MetaMask mobile app. The app comes with a wide range of features that will help drive mass adoption in the Ethereum community. Now, you can play your favorite dApp games on the go – how brilliant is that!

Import Your Existing Wallets

One of the coolest features we’ve seen so far in the MetaMask wallet is the ability to sync the mobile app with your browser extension. This is a really hand feature, especially for those who want to keep their transaction history, tokens, nicknames and accounts. The desktop extension will generate a QR code which can then be scanned by the mobile app to sync the data – pretty neat.

Play with Your Kitties on the Go

The MetaMask mobile app gives users the chance to resume playing on their favorite dApps wherever they are in the world – no laptop needed. Thanks to the ERC-721 support, you can send, receive and check out your non-fungible assets in real time from the mobile app. This means you can swap your Crypto Kitties – amongst others – with people you meet on the streets.

A Payment Revolution

The incredible features don’t end there. MetaMask has developed a payment platform called InstaPay and it’s built right into the app. InstaPay allows you to send payments between accounts or users for free. It utilizes payment channels via Connext to allow you to send instant payments in any supported cryptocurrency to any other MetaMask wallet. However, this is still an experimental opt-in feature, so use it with caution. The only time gas fees are charged are for topping up and withdrawing from your wallet – making transactions 100% free.

Only Download from MetaMask Directly

If you’re dying to try out this epic new app from MetaMask and start managing your Ethereum collectibles on the go, you need to be a little careful. Back in February, a clipper app was found on the Google Play Store posing as MetaMask. The app would manipulate the crypto addresses you type in – or paste in – rerouting funds to the scammer’s wallet. To stay on the safe side, it’s recommended you only download the app directly from MetaMask rather than from a 3rd party site or a link you find on the internet.

MetaMask is always looking out for Ethereum users and is helping to make mass adoption of the Ethereum network as simple as possible. Back in 2018, MetaMask put the brakes on a dApp that looked like a scam, just to keep its customers safe. If you’re going to use an Ethereum extension, MetaMask is the stand out option!