LA Dodgers Holding Crypto Collectible Giveaway

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Bobblehead night is about to get a digital competitor over at Dodger Stadium on September 21st. As the Dodgers take on the Padres a lucky few will receive a special card that contains a code to unlock a digital bobblehead that can then be transferred to their Ethereum wallet. The Dodgers are the latest Major League Baseball (MLB) team to turn to cryptos and collectibles this season, as revenues from traditional merchandise began to taper off.
Earlier in the season, the MLB partnered with Lucid Sight to develop a collectible dAPP in order to help boost falling merchandise sales. The first 40,000 fans with tickets to enter the stadium will receive one of these cards. Each of these cards could contain star pitcher Clayton Kershaw, third baseman Justin Turner, or the superstar overseas player Kenley Jansen.

Blockchain Entering Sports

The sporting world is rapidly adopting blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. in Europe, UEFA has successfully trialled a new blockchain ticketing system designed to remove forgeries from the black markets. Bitcoin also made its first Premier League appearance as seven teams – including UEFA Champions League side Tottenham Hotspur – signed an advertising deal with eToro paid entirely in BTC.
Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the sporting world, whether by removing fake tickets from black markets, helping teams earn additional revenue from digital collectibles, or even store drug test records. The potential for blockchain technology in sports is almost infinite, as such it will certainly change the way sports operate from a business perspective.

Attracting a New Generation of Fans

By placing collectibles on a blockchain will help draw in the next generation of collectors and sports fans. The younger generations are much faster to adopt the latest technology, and if their favorite teams are beginning to share the same passion, teams can cash in on the shared interest. The days where kids watched a sports game and were happy with a catcher’s mitt or ball are long gone. Digital and tradeable collectibles appear to be all the rage with the upcoming generation, so sports teams are utilizing this to ensure the longevity of merchandise revenues.

First Club Sale in Cryptos

One Italian side has sold a portion of its ownership in crypto to renowned digital currency enthusiast Pablo Dana. Rimini FC 2912 has faced financial troubles lately, so the new injection of crypto cash into its accounts will hopefully help it battle on throughout the season and push for promotion. While the sale of a football club via crypto is uncommon, it does show the world that digital currency is now becoming more accepted in the sports domain.
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are slowly carving a place for themselves in the sporting world. As time passes, the technology will evolve and so too will the use of this new partnership. Digital bobblehead day is just one of the many ways blockchain technology can be used to draw in a new generation of sports fans, so we’re excited to see how successful it proves to be.