Alternatives Marketplace Launches South Africa Conference

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  • The Alternatives Marketplace has launched its first crypto conference focused on crypto investment options for investors.
  • The conference tried to answer questions associated with cryptocurrency investments.
  • The event also introduced credible crypto investment exchanges and options for potential investors.

Alternatives Marketplace, which hosts conferences focused on investment options and alternatives, has launched its first crypto and blockchain-focused conference.

The conference, which virtually assembled a swarm of leading crypto figures, financial advisors, institutional investors, and South African individuals, took place on August 4. The conference tried to answer one pivotal question inside the mind of every investor: should we invest in cryptocurrencies?

The event brought international and local industry leaders to provide the South African market with insights regarding the booming yet speculative market of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, crypto experts took the opportunity to introduce reliable crypto investment exchanges and options for potential investors.

Jonty Sacks, a partner at the alternative investment fund manager Jaltech, and main sponsor of the event asserted that despite the recent growth in the crypto sector, many investors still don’t have access to credible investment options. “The cryptocurrency market has seen exponential growth in South Africa over the past few years, with many investors and financial advisors simply not having access to legitimate and credible cryptocurrency investment opportunities,” he said.

Sacks further added that the conference aims to address such issues by introducing reliable crypto investment opportunities for potential investors. “We believe that the Alt Marketplace Conference will provide cryptocurrency investors with access to the latest information and investment options for the South African market,” he stated.

The conference also updated the participants on the latest regulatory and tax developments regarding the crypto industry, particularly in South Africa. Other discussed topics in the conference include the role of blockchain in the future of businesses, what are NFTs and how they are related to the financial industry, how cryptocurrencies present the future of money, and more.

Influential Figures Set to Appear

Ran Neu Ner, a globally recognized crypto veteran who is listed in the Top 10 most influential people in the Blockchain space, also joined the conference and debate against David Shapiro, one of the leading figures in the financial market in South Africa.

Historically, South Africa has been taking a neutral yet cautionary attitude towards cryptocurrencies. However, the country is now walking away from this stance as a number of striking crypto scams have taken place in the country lately.

Just recently, the AfriCfrypt scam, that saw two brothers run off with approximately $2.3 billion worth of cryptocurrencies (69.000 Bitcoin), shocked the entire crypto industry. Following the scam, South African lawmakers announced that they would expedite crypto regulations and implement tougher rules on digital assets.