Merry Christmas From FullyCrypto

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Sleigh bells ring, are you listening…

Yes, It’s the most wonderful time of the Year again, and the staff at FullyCrypto would like to wish every single one of our supporters, readers, and listeners a merry Christmas and happy new year.

What a Year…

2020 has been, in all senses of the word, an epic year. Obviously it has been dominated by you-know-what and, towards the latter end of the year by you-know-who, but we’re not here for them – we’re here for you, and for the mad world that is cryptocurrency.

Who would have thought that when Bitcoin crashed to $3,850 on March 13 that we would be able to boast ALL TIME HIGHS eleven months later? Who would have thought that, after all the promises and failures that Ethereum 2.0 would be up and running just two days after that?

And who, really who, would have thought that Craig Wright would spend 2020 losing court cases and being accused of plagiarism? Oh, everyone? Ok then.

The Year FullyCrypto Was Born

It’s also been an epic year for FullyCrypto. We left BitStarz News behind and morphed, like a caterpillar into a butterfly, into FullyCrypto in April, with the first episode of the FullyCrypto podcast going live not long after.

We’ve gone from strength to strength this year, launching our very first giveaway last month, and we can’t wait to unveil what we have planned for 2021.

All Eyes on 2021

There’s no denying that this one is going to be nothing like last christmas, but whatever you’re doing, whether you’re rockin’ around the christmas tree or walking off the turkey in a winter wonderland, we here at FullyCrypto hope you have a wonderful christmastime.

Let’s hope that next year is a little more settled on the health and the politics front, and that Bitcoin can continue on its path to the moon.

Now that’s what Christmas means to me.